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To Jacques : Please start Posting!!!!

Apr 25, 2006 12:10 PM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

...since I listen to this forum (average of 50 
messages a day), I see mainly attacks and counterattacks 
between people. It is not too different than in other life 
situations, but one could have expected better from a 
theosophical forum - or maybe it is an excellent illustration 
of the current state as of 2006 on earth...) The main subjects are 
related to TS history, which can be of some value for sure, but life 
is something which is happening here and now.

I will try again in 10 years from now.

But Jacque why wait 10 more years.  Why don't you post some other
more relevant, interesting subject to this list???????????

Can't you do this?  Right now.....

Surely there can be more than one subject being discussed at one 
time on this forum?

Ignore the subjects you find boring and contribute to the subject
threads that you find of interest.

Right now there are currently 308 subscribers to Theos-Talk.  Surely 
10 of them could start contributing postings on other relevant 
Theosophical subjects.

But most important Jacques you can start posting different 
subjects.  I don't understand why you can't do that and maybe that 
will get the ball rolling and other "lurkers" will post, etc.

Just take 10 extra minutes and start typing on a subject near and 
dear to your heart and post it to Theos-Talk.


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