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Sufilight and the Teachings

Apr 25, 2006 11:37 AM
by carlosaveline


You write: 

"If you try to relate your below answering email to my recent
email on the issue, I think you - at least one day - will understand,
why there is more important stuff to this issue on Judge, Crosbie etc. than 
you have touched
upon in your below email and other recent related emails.
Try and compare your below email with this recent Theos-talk email by me.
The truth is, that Blavatsky and the Masters - among others things -
prepared the ground for further development of the living progress of the 
Path of Wisdom.
Appearntly my email got deflected by a number of other emails.
Silence about the content of the above link is, as we know also an answer.
What are your views on the above link???"

I say:

I basically agree.  I agree, for instance, with the idea that old outer structures / models are always broken ( and they must be broken)  by actual LIFE.  Higher, abstract  models remain. 

All of  the text  makes sense. 

Regards,  Carlos. 

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