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Apr 25, 2006 11:36 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends,

In a way, Daniel is right. It is important to see the movement as a whole, with its many positive aspects. 

The Arcane School, created by  Alice Bailey, has something in common with the Adyar ES, the ULT, the Edmonton Theosophical Society  and the Pasadena TS, and with many  independent students and groups scattered around the world.

They all know that not everything can be put in words.  That there are more areas in human brain than the regions which operate through mere thought/speech. 

And, above all, they all have in common the perception that humanity is wisely guided by those Experienced Souls which Taoism calls "Immortals"; that  Hinduism calls "Rishis" or "Jivanmuktas"; and ancient Greeks and Romans called Gods and Semi-Gods, and so on.  

It is a source of happiness to me,  to see the good  aspects present in the action of "World Goodwill", inspired by A. Bailey; in the action of many sincere students who belong to the Adyar TS; in the action (editorial, for instance) of the Pasadena TS; in the growing and successful work of the ULT. 

A frank debate will not do harm to the esoteric movement.  It will turn it stronger and more efficient.

(As to Leadbeater defenders, they are rather rare these days even in the Adyar TS. Rather impossible to defend him in a rational way.) 

I hope Daniel Caldwell  can admit -- now or in some future and better occasion -- that pure words will never allow people to undertand the spiritual or philosophical, realms of reality.  This happens to be  common perception to all the theosophical movement. 

Best regards,  Carlos.


Data:Tue, 25 Apr 2006 17:00:00 -0000

Assunto:Theos-World Carlos uses the Same kind of argument as defenders of Leadbeater, etc.??

> In previous years in discussing
> historical events and various teachings
> with students/defenders of Besant, Leadbeater,
> Bailey, Prophet, etc., I have noticed a
> recurring "theme" or "tactic" used by these individuals.
> When you cite various historical records
> that conflict with their assertions, or you
> cite certain teachings given by HPB that
> conflict with the individuals
> listed above, invariably the "defenders" will bring
> forth in one way or the other what Carlos
> has recently brought forth:
> Defenders of Besant, Leadbeater, Bailey
> and Prophet caution us not to depend or
> rely too much (or at all!) on outer historical records, they
> say not to depend on the "intellect" and
> the "dead letter" of HPB's words but rather on the "intuition"
> (the "heart").
> In other words, when either historical records concerning
> early Theosophical history and HPB
> or actual teachings of HPB conflict with their
> versions of reality, they try to deemphasize
> the actual history, the actual teachings by
> "going vague". If you can make the historical events or 
> teachings vague enough or "fuzzy" enough or of no
> consequence then there are really no contradictions, 
> no conflicting claims, no differing teachings. 
> In the next few months when I have more time, I will
> try to do a chart and show how these defenders (many of them
> have actually been on Theos-Talk over the years) including
> Carlos actually use this method. 
> Daniel
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