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Too much

Apr 25, 2006 10:57 AM
by Jacques Mahnich

  I joined Theos-Talks 10 years ago, close to its coming alive. I have enjoyed these times (Chuck was already bringing some fun to the discussion).
  I tried again this time to share thoughts and knowledge with the community at large (Internet is an incredible agent to exchange ideas). I appreciate  the freedom which can be lacking sometime inside well organized societies. I am deeply interested in worldwide culture and religions comparisons (one of the objective of TS), plus the coming together of modern science concepts and theosophic ones.
  But the fact is that since I listen to this forum (average of 50 messages a day), I see mainly attacks and counterattacks between people. It is not too different than in other life situations, but one could have expected better from a theosophical forum - or maybe it is an excellent illustration of the current state as of 2006 on earth...) The main subjects are related to TS history, which can be of some value for sure, but life is something which is happening here and now.
  I will try again in 10 years from now.
  Thank you to all of you who live with the willingness to help others understanding reality.
  I wish you well.


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