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Robert Crosbie's 1907 Opinion of Katherine Tingley

Apr 25, 2006 10:23 AM
by danielhcaldwell

In 1907 Robert Crosbie wrote the following concerning
his former teacher Katherine Tingley:


....She tried of course in every way to change my determination, but 
finding me unchangeable, she let me go, and as I afterwards heard, 
gave out that she had sent me away for "bad conduct" - just what I 
do not know.  This of course, to "save her own face" as the Chinese 
say. I am quite will aware of her capacities in the above direction 
form the history of others who had discovered her real character, 
and left; there is no slander too low or mean for her to use in such 
cases to justify herself. Sorry as I am to say it, such is the 
character of Katherine Tingley, the Leader of the Theosophical 
Movement Throughout the World, as she styles herself - (there is 
more of it that is simply too nauseating to write.) It was a hard 
schooling for me, but it had its good uses and effects. I feel no 
enmity towards her; I truly pity her and would help her do right any 
time it might be in my power. I also feel most deeply towards those 
who are held in mental bondage by her; but nothing can be done - 
they must open their own eyes, they are not in a condition to have 
them opened by anyone else.

. . . She will also speak in Belasco Theater on Sunday eve on "Some 
Practical Lessons in Human Life", and will doubtless present a fair 
picture to the mind's eye; and yet she is as I have said. Those who 
see these pictures would not believe anything different from what 
they see - and she knows it, and preys upon the best and noblest in 
human nature for her own ends. I tremble for the Karma she 
invokes. . . . 

Quoted from:

Compare Mr. Crosbie's estimation of Mrs. Tingley given above 
with what he himself said about her less than 5 years BEFORE:


May 1902 Address by Robert Crosbie in which Katherine Tingley is 
Highly Praised

". . . We who have the privilege of assembling at this place and 
taking part in this ceremony of sweet and grateful remembrance---
know that the establishment of this great Center [by Mrs. Tingley at 
Point Loma, California] is a realization of what William Q. Judge 
lived for, worked for, hoped for, and we cannot but feel deep in our 
hearts that he knows and rejoices with us today. 

We feel that he knows of the self-sacrificing efforts made by the 
faithful ones, and that those efforts have been called forth by his 
chosen successor [Mrs. Tingley], of whom he said, "she is true as 
steel, as clear as diamond, and as lasting as time."   

By her work has she [Mrs. Tingley] shown to all men her fitness to 
demonstrate the principles laid down by H.P. Blavatsky and W.Q. 
Judge, by making them practical in the daily life of mankind. 

Her [Mrs. Tingley's] work and our work stand today as an offering of 
gratitude and love to that noble soul and loving human heart, whom 
we knew as W.Q. Judge." 

In the above address, Mr. Crosbie even quotes from Mr. Judge's 
occult diary in which Judge said:

"she [Mrs. Tingley] is true as steel, as clear as diamond, and as 
lasting as time." 

Now one of the questions to ask as you compare and contrast these 
differing views of Mr. Crosbie:

Who really changed between 1902 and 1907?  Had Mrs. Tingley really 
changed that much?  Or had Mr. Crosbie or his attitudes changed?


could Mr. Crosbie's 1907 view of Mrs. Tingley be considered an
"attack" on Mrs. Tingley???

etc. etc.


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