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Dead Letter Or Living Spirit?

Apr 25, 2006 08:06 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends,

It is of no use to get Robert Crosbie's written vows in their dead letter and ignore their living spirit. 

I have the hope Daniel will some day understand that inner or real vows, although they may be made using outer words, are subject to the constant examination and re-examination of one's own HEART and CONSCIENCE. Someone could, and should, have told him about that. Sometimes, excessive secrecy backfires and creates unnecessary criticism from people who do not have the actual experience of things. 

The matter of the fact is that --- all kinds of daily tests try to freeze our commitments in life, whatever they are. 

It is our heart and our loyalty to the spirit, not to form of our intentions, which make us update our life commitments -- sometimes in radical ways -- in order to remain LOYAL TO OURSELVES. Loyalty to Masters can only be a by-product, so to say, of loyalty to ourselves, which is the main stuff. Discipleship, lay or otherwise, can only operate THROUGH the AUTONOMY of the learner. 

Having no experience with the heart of the movement, Daniel thinks vows are controlled by their dead letter. This is so only in Vatican-inspired circles, with their blind obedience vows, etc. 

The true VOW is wordless. 

One could say it has an analogical connection with Plotinus' hypostasis (in Neoplatonism). 

The substance in itself of a COMMITMENT TO HIGHER LIFE is not a thing of the left brain, which works with words. Only in its secondary and terciary hypostasis or levels of reality a true VOW or COMMITMENT TO LIFE UNIVERSAL can be expressed in words. Words change, the commitment is much more than one-life long. 

Therefore, as we see in the "Mahatma Letters" many a lay disciple never heard of HPB or the Masters, etc. Words are not facts, and facts can exist -- wordless!!

Thanks to Daniel Caldwell for the opportunity to explain the difference between Vatican-inspired, blind-obedience vows and true, living vows to one's own higher self. 

Best regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline 

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