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Re: Robert xx (Advice From a Friend)

Apr 24, 2006 06:49 PM
by leonmaurer

Hello Robert,

Your advice is correct and good.   

I am compelled by the Spirit.   I do seek peace -- not from it, but in it...  
 After my work for it is done, hopefully.

My lower mind has always needed to be calmed.   And, that's why I do what I 

I recognize the futility of trying to teach the metaphysical realities to 
physical scientists.  You're right that they won't listen to me (athough some do) 
-- along with others who are already enlightened, in the Spirit, and have no 
need to know.

It's a fact, however, that since science is the guru of this age... When 
(based on the inevitable direction their own physics is taking them) they finally 
come around to seeing the truth of my ABC view (lifted directly out of HPB's 
Secret Doctrine, like Einstein lifted relativity, E=mc^2, waves and quanta) -- 
which all the ancients knew as "theosophy" and was the basis of all religions 
(no matter how distorted by false prophets, personalized gods, and greedy 
priest-craft they've become) ... The world will lsten and change their beliefs.   
But, whether such a great awakening comes in my lifetime or not is of no 

Thus, for many good reasons -- this (whatever small ripples it makes in the 
ocean of wisdom and knowledge) is the only fishing I can do at present... And 
it does calm my soul when I'm doing it. 
Occasionally, I catch a fish.   Which gives me great joy.   And, after that 
struggle, I can go about calmly casting my net... To wait for the next one to 
come along and take my bait.   And, even the ones who got away offered me an 
opportunity to expose these truths as well as their ignorance to a widespread 
audience while trying to land them.   What more could one ask for on any fishing 
trip? :-)

In the meantime, it's all there lying in wait throughout the archives of the 
Internet forums, and in letters to my friends -- not to mention my computer 
files and notated books and papers.   And, will be there long after I'm gone.
Although -- due to my present physical condition and circumstance (that is my 
karma) and beyond my control -- it may be too late to fulfill my compulsion 
to keep on trying to awaken the world to seeing the Spirit in my present life.  
 So, when I finally get to rest, I hope I will have learned my lessons for 
the next... Where I can be better able to carry on the good work for the Spirit 
in man right from the beginning.

But, then, I started all this very late in this life, and hope I've learned 

In any event, when I go, at least my message will have been spread far and 
wide over the Internet -- as was necessary right from the start of my mission 
when I took it on twelve years ago... For, who else could have done it ... 
beginning the first day that science legitimized the study of consciousness by 
publishing its first peer reviewed Journal (JCS) in the UK, and opening up the 
Internet scientific forums studying consciousness, brain and mind, where both 
accredited and unaccredited scientists and philosophers of all disciplines could 
meet on equal ground in open debate?   

But as they say, "Many are called but few are chosen." :-)

So, thank you for your kind words.



In a message dated 4/24/06 1:34:37 PM, BartlettRH writes:

> Hello Leon.
> The Spirit compels you ... yes?
> Do you seek peace from it, an answer?
> Then the answer is this ... become calm and go fishing or something. Give 
> back to God what belongs to God, for if you think to change the mind of man 
> then you should first change your own. They will not listen to you ... messiah 
> of stuff.
> Robert  xx

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