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"Daniel may have something in common with John Algeo and Paul Johson."

Apr 24, 2006 11:38 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Notice below how Carlos  wants to go AD HOMINEM in the
following statements.

How does Carlos know anything about my experiences or the
experiences of John Algeo or Paul Johnson???

Now here are Carlos' words:

As to Daniel Caldwell's perspective of the movement, it  does not 
seem that he has an actual experience with the inner instances of 
the theosophical movement.

Yet  I still hope he can understand that these instances exist and 
are rather influential as to "the heart of the movement".

Daniel may have something in common with John Algeo and Paul Johson. 
The three of them having no experience with the so-called "heart of 
the movement", they don't get an inner picture of its inner, less 
vivible but influential processes.

It would be just as accurate to say:

Daniel MAY not have something in common with Algeo and Johnson.

It would seem Carlos is just making all of this up as he goes.

Apparently Carlos had rather not discuss the specific points brought 
up by Dr. Stokes and had rather DISTRACT the readers by throwing out 
vague statements much of which has little if any substance or 
relevance to anything.


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