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Circulating quotations from HPB's esoteric documents to the "wide public"

Apr 24, 2006 09:10 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Please note what Dr. H.N. Stokes, who was a severe critic of
the teachings and policies of Besant and Leadbeater, wrote in his 
O.E. Library Critic Magazine:

"....why did the magazine 'Theosophy' in its series of articles
later published as 'The Theosophical Movement' [that is, published
1925 as a book] quote from documents [written by H.P.B. and] marked
private and issued to E.S.T. members under pledge of secrecy?

Are we to suppose that . . . the editors of 'Theosophy' Magazine,
are above all rules applying to lesser mortals?

"No, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander."

"If .... [HPB's esoteric documents] are [still] private documents
today, no one without a diploma of sanctity and a special permit
from the Mahatmas is more entitled to [quote from them or] read them
than any others, or to discourage others from doing what he does
himself when it suits his purpose...."

Notice here in this instance the editors of Theosophy magazine
circulated quotations from HPB's esoteric documents to the "wide
public," (Carlos' phrase) not just in "private"!  And on whose 
authority did the editors of this PUBLIC magazine decide to quote 
private and confidential esoteric writings of HPB?


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