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The basic issues and questions about Besant and Crosbie

Apr 23, 2006 08:49 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Here are the basic issues and questions discussed
in the article which Carlos decided to bring to
the attention of Theos-Talk readers:


IF Mrs. Besant was guilty of what Mr. Garrigues and associates 
accused her, then is it not equally fair to at least pose the 
following questions?

Did Mr. Robert Crosbie also violate his own original 'solemn' E.S. 
pledge by reissuing (through the DES) Blavatsky's esoteric 
instructions to new students under an oath of secrecy? 

If Mrs. Besant was guilty of breaking her pledge, why not also Mr. 

Did Mr. Crosbie violate his original pledges by allowing other 
people to have copies of Blavatsky's & Judge's esoteric 

Who gave Mr. Crosbie the authority or right to disregard his 
original pledges & offer these instructions to new students?  

Did Mr. Crosbie believe and claim that he was in contact with the 
dead Blavatsky, the deceased Judge and the Mahatmas receiving their 
permission to start the Dzyan Esoteric School and reissue H.P.B.'s 
esoteric instructions, etc. in 1909?....

It is clear H.P.B. issued the esoteric instructions at the direction 
of the Masters. But years after the deaths of both H.P.B. and Judge, 
who gave Robert Crosbie the authority or right to go against his 
pledges & reissue H.P.B.'s esoteric instructions to new students 
under an oath of silence and secrecy?  

Did Mr Crosbie believe that he was following in the esoteric 
footsteps of Blavatsky and Judge?

IF Mr. Crosbie believed he was given permission by the dead HPB or 
the dead Judge or the Mahatmas to establish the D.E.S. and reprint 
HPB's Instructions, then would he be guilty of violating his pledge?

But the SAME QUESTION should be asked of Mrs. Besant....

Did she ALSO believe she was in contact with the dead HPB and/or the 
Masters and did she believe that they gave her permission to reprint 
the Instructions in THE SECRET DOCTRINE, Volume III?

If she believed this was the case, then would she be guilty of what 
the Theosophy Company writers accused her of?

Will Carlos deal with these questions in a straightforward manner or 
ignore them and try to distract the reader???


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