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Do we see a double standard here at work?

Apr 23, 2006 08:25 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Mr. John Garrigues et al (editors of Theosophy Magazine and leading 
associates of the ULT) in The Theosophical Movement 1875-1925, pages 
571-572 wrote the following about Mrs. Annie Besant:

"In Mrs. Besant's 'Third Volume' [of The Secret Doctrine, 1897] are 
incorporated the private papers originally issued by H.P.B. to the 
E.S., and in reprinting these Mrs. Besant . . . broke the seventh 
clause of her solemn pledge as a member of the Esoteric School...."

Using the same "reasoning" as Carlos, should we characterize
the above statement as an "attack" against Mrs. Besant, as an
attack against the Adyar T.S.?

Does Carlos condone what the Theosophy Company writers have done in 
the above statement?

Is it ok to question (or [to use Carlos' word] "attack")  Annie 
Besant but it is not okay to simply ask SIMILAR relevant questions 
about Mr. Crosbie? 

Do we see a double standard here at work?


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