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Re: Theos-World While we debate the past

Apr 22, 2006 01:30 PM
by Vincent

"Laws are made to be broken along with the skulls of those who make

Chuck the Heretic"

I view laws as necessary evils that should only exist for very short
time periods, later to be replaced with more constructive
solutions.  Laws only have value in restricting problems in the
absence of constructive goals.

For example, if murderers roam the streets, then a law against
murder will serve to dissuade many people from murdering others.
However, the passing of laws does not actually turn murderers into
loving individuals.  Laws against murder simply incite fear into
potential murderers, causing them to be repressed and later acting
out in different ways.  However, if you could constructively train
people how to love one another, no laws against murder would be
needed in a society.

Or let's say I pass a rule against smoking in the workplace.  Yet i
fail to provide a constructive solution to heal smokers of their
nicotine addictions.  The same for alcohol or other drugs.  I can
pass all the laws that I want (which is what government does), but
laws do not actually cure the disease.  Laws simply restrict
disease, dealing with the symptoms.  Laws only have a temporal
validity in the absence of constructive solutions.



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> Indeed,  they 
> are bound as slaves, by laws which prohibit  change.
> Laws are made to be broken along with the skulls of those who 
make  them.
> Chuck the Heretic
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