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Bruce on the "The First Public Review"

Apr 21, 2006 10:47 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Bruce, your wrote:


Are you trying to provide us with the first review of the new volume?
Nobody, so far as I know, has even read a draft copy as of yet.
Still, the early bird catches the worm, and as truth does not seem to
be a criteria for some people, why wait?

Bruce, I provide below a "review" [?] of probably what this
new volume will include and NOT include.  I quote from
two sources:

"The HPB Defense Fund is specifically dedicated to the publication 
of an authentic Volume I of Madame Blavatsky's letters. The proposed 
volume will have the fraudulent letters in the current Adyar edition 
REMOVED . .  ." caps added

What letters might be removed??????????????????????

The second source:

"More than one century later, the book entitled The Letters of H. P. 
Blavatsky - Volume I , edited by Mr. John Algeo and published by the 
USA T.P.H. in 2003, might be in the same broad category of books 
with an unhealthy aura. Mr. Algeo included in it forged texts full 
of disgusting lies and libels, cleverly mixed among authentic 

"H.P. Blavatsky  the woman who worked day and night for the good of 
mankind and who gave the world such wonderful books as The Voice of 
the Silence and The Secret Doctrine  is made to describe herself as 
a mean  person; a Russian spy ('letter' 07); someone who helped 
torture a cat to death during 'occult' experiences ( 'letter' 76); 
someone who would like to sell her soul ('letter' 53); and someone 
whom the devil got into trouble in her youth ('letter' 69)  to name 
but a few examples of Mr. John Algeo's 'work'." 

"Out of the 136 'letters' published by Mr. John Algeo, at least 27 
documents are certainly false. . . .

"This is an initial assessment. Further research may reveal the 
number is actually greater and  besides the 27 false letters  one 
of the three versions presented by Algeo of his 'Letter 117' is 
certainly false, too. . . . 

"That makes 20 percent of the total. One out of five letters of the 
volume is false. Nearly all the 27 forged documents are deeply 
offensive to H .P. Blavatsky, and more treacherously so since they 
are presented as if signed by HPB herself. . . ."

I don't have to be clairvoyant to guess what letters will probably 
not be in the new "edition."

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