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Pasadena TS Archives & the Judge Case

Apr 21, 2006 09:50 AM
by danielhcaldwell

There are possibly very valuable documents in the
Pasadena TS Archives that would help
independent researchers trying to understand
the pro and con of the Judge Case.

For example, are there copies of letters
in these archives that Judge sent to 
Olcott, Besant, Chakravarti, etc. etc.?

What about the letters written to Judge
from Besant, Olcott, Chakravarti, and other
relevant players in the drama?

Judge's diaries including a possible 1884 diary
covering the period when Judge was in India.

Possibly unpublished notes, etc. from Judge
defending and describing how he acted as
a transmitter of letters from the Mahatmas.

There may be other documents which would in effect
help to vindicate Judge of the various charges, etc.

Other Mahatma letters relevant to the Judge

Letters of Elliott Coues, Judge, HPB concerning
the issue I have raised in the last few days.

And I can think of dozens of other documents that
would possibly throw light on various aspects of
the Judge Case that may be in these archives?

I wonder what unpublished documents relevant to 
the Judge case are in Jerry HE's archives?

Etc. etc.


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