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No Obsession About Dugpas?

Apr 21, 2006 07:00 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends,

I hope Daniel is not developing  an obsession about dugpas.

Best regards, Carlos.


Data:Fri, 21 Apr 2006 06:21:29 -0000

Assunto:[Spam] Theos-World Master KH on Dugpas: "Every man has a potential Dugpa in him."

> Master KH on Dugpas:
> [Research has shown that this material from Master K.H. 
> dates back to the 1880s. One version of this material can be found 
> written on the end pages of William Q. Judge's Nov.-Dec. 1888 diary.
> ====================================================
> On the astral and psychic planes the Masters are always stronger 
> than the Dugpas, because there, good is stronger than evil. But on 
> our material plane, evil is stronger than good, and the Adepts 
> having to exercise cunning if acting on this plane, (which is 
> contrary to their natures) encounter great difficulty and can only 
> palliate evil effects. In powers not good there is an absence of 
> good, but not presence of evil, and the higher you go, the more does 
> evil become the absence of good. The first exercise of Dugpaship is 
> to psychologize people. Every man has a potential Dugpa in him. When 
> the 6th Race reaches its close, there will be no more Dugpas. A 
> Dugpa may become converted during life, at the expense of terrible 
> suffering and trials. Dugpas are usually destroyed by Kundalini, the 
> astral fire. They consume themselves. The Dugpa is forced to his own 
> destruction. He becomes fascinated, runs into the evil current and 
> so destroys himself. The beasts of Dugpas have nothing but the 
> animal in them, and even when they awaken the highest spirituality 
> in them, it is the spirituality of the beast where there is nothing 
> but vile, selfish instinct. On earth there is no evil power higher 
> than the Dugpas. They cannot when seen psychically conceal the 
> presence of red about them. It is always visible in their aura. The 
> color is deep crimson red. The sign of the presence of a Dugpa is a 
> cold, clammy, empty, snaky feeling. Do not mistake the above for 
> another feeling, viz., when chelas materialize they create a vacuum 
> around them, which feels to us like a change of atmosphere, like 
> being suddenly removed to a high plateau in Thibet. (The one a dry 
> cold like high atmosphere, the other clammy).
> ===================================================
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