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H.P. Blavatsky to Elliott Coues about W.Q. Judge and Mahatma Letters

Apr 20, 2006 11:07 AM
by danielhcaldwell

H.P. Blavatsky to Elliott Coues about Mahatma Letters

"I know nothing about the number of messages you may have received 
from Masters through Judge, whom I would never believe capable of 
it, or any one else. Once Mahatma K. H. and my Master say they did 
not emanate from them, I am bound to believe what they say; and 
therefore must suppose such messages either tricks made by chelas or 
pure frauds. I myself have lost several friends and the Society good 
members, by such fraudulent letters through Eglinton, in which my 
signature and that of the Masters was magnificently forged and I was 
held responsible for it. C. C. Massey was deceived thus and left the 
Society because of it. It was just such a loss here as it would be 
if you left. I became the personal scape-goat, but the Society was 
not even moved by it. Therefore I do not see why you should not 
publish them, if it amuses you. If you say that they are forgeries, 
I shall not deny it; if you say that they come from Masters, I shall 
repudiate it. You speak of my seals on these letters; but you forget 
that on the Tribune supposed, K. H. letter, which you call a 
newspaper skit, there was a poor imitation of my seal. Where did 
they get this? From Judge, from me or from you? It could hardly have 
been any except one of us three, as there are not many people who 
know about this ring of mine. Your wise advice that such Mahatma 
messages should be confined to one channel, "the only genuine and 
original H. P. B. your friend," was anticipated by Mahatma K. H. in 
so many words. Then why do you kick against that? You speak of your 
Mahatma, why don't you send letters in his name instead of in those 
of my Master and Mahatma K. H. That would settle all the 
difficulties and there would be no quarrel. His name? I really 
forgot it! The Secret Lodge of the Initiates in London and 
Elberfeld?  I have never heard of them. What you have learned 
through me, I know, and do not want to know beyond. You may obey or 
disobey your Master as much as you like, if you know him to exist 
outside of your psychic visions. As to mine, every man devoid of all 
psychic powers can see him, since he is a living man. I wish he 
could be yours, for then, my dearest Dr. you would be spiritually a 
better man and a less sceptical one than you are."

quoted from:

Dr. Elliott Coues in His Letters
Some of His Letters to H. P. Blavatsky 
and Others, with Replies.
[Compiled and edited by William Q. Judge]
[Reprinted from a 12-page pamphlet issued by William 
Quan Judge.  Pamphlet is dated New York, June 14, 1889.]

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