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Re: Theos-World The Algeo HPB Letters and John Cooper

Apr 20, 2006 10:02 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Thanks for your msg. Nothing should surprise anyone. Will look forward
reading the full story.

In the days before Internet, due to controlled flow of info, it was hard to
hear all the sides of the happenings and it worked to the advantage of
organizations and its leaders. No more. That is why you do not see any of
the organizational individuals engaged in discussions on this and other open
(uncensored) forums, while they endlessly harp on the new world of Internet
(sometimes ask for financial help) and how it can help disseminate divine

Long live Internet!


On 4/20/06, <> wrote:
> I refer to the comment in a recent posting regarding the Blavatsky
> letters:
> "After John Cooper died, John Algeo declared his contract with Cooper
> concerning
> the letters null and void.  Whatever decisions John Algeo and  his
> reformed
> "committee" make concerning the publication of those  letters, had nothing
> to
> do with any previous agreements with Cooper, nor was Cooper's research
> included
> in that volume."
> As John's Literary Executive I am compelled to comment.
> I will not give an account at this time of the outrageous and despicable
> manner
> in which Algeo dealt with John's widow in the days and weeks after John's
> death. That is a story to be told one day, and I will tell it.
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