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Re: Theos-World Re: Judge Believed He was in Communication with the dead HPB

Apr 18, 2006 11:55 AM
by Bill Meredith

I understand the desire to have the lineage of HPB, Judge, and Crosby remain intact and consistent. However, your "plausible" explanation creates some difficult phrases in the letter from Judge to Keightley. "Under all of it & over it all the Masters hand;" is one such comment. This is something that I would expect to hear from HPB, not from the living Nirmanakaya that informed HPB. Here is another saying that is troublesome, "Master is not after minor points." Perhaps you could comment on these lines and your impression of the general tone of the letter in which Judge begins, "The accompanying document ('an exact transcript of what HPB said') is as follows:"

peace within,


robert_b_macd wrote:
Consider the following:

1. HPB wrote of Judge: "in virtue of his character as a chela of
thirteen years standing." (Echoes, I, xxxii) This means that Judge
was a chela of the Masters since 1875. In 1875 there were no
lay-chelas, etc. Judge must have been a fully fledged chela of Master M.

2. It is clear that right up to her death, HPB had full faith in
Judge. Just before her death, HPB wrote about Judge to the American
Section: "[H]e who has proved in a thousand ways his entire loyalty to
the best interests of Theosophy and the Society." (TJC, pt.1, 37)

3. Judge in his own defense wrote the following: ". . . during all
the years since 1875 I have been taught much about occultism by the
Masters and their friends, and have been shown how to produce some
phenomena, among others the precipitation of writing for the Masters
at certain times. This is always in the form to which the prosecutors
most foolishly object. These teachings began - notwithstanding
ignorance of it, and that I am probably a medium - in 1875 with H.P.B.
In that year, the first precipitation done through me was effected in
New York . . ." (Echoes, I, l) So, according to Judge's testimony he
had been trained by the Masters in certain occult practices as far
back as 1875, and one of these practices was "the precipitation of
writing". It is interesting that Olcott was a witness to this and
also that Olcott's diaries for this period went missing. If he was a
chela, as HPB claimed, clearly he would have been instructed in those
occult practices that were necessary for him to carry out his duties.
As his Master resided half a world away, it would not be surprising
for him to be connected so as to communicate readily with his Master
when need be.

4. In a private letter to Judge written in 1889, HPB writes:
"The Esoteric Section and its life in the U.S.A. depends on W.Q.J.
remaining its agent & what he is now. The day W.Q.J. resigns, H.P.B.
will be virtually dead for the Americans. W.Q.J. is the Antaskarana
between the two Manas(es), the American thought & the Indian - or
rather the trans-Himalayan Esoteric Knowledge. DIXI H.P.B.
"P.S. W.Q.J. had better show, & impress this on the minds of all
those whom it may concern." (Letters That Have Helped Me, 278)
This passage is highly suggestive, with Judge being described in terms
of a spiritual bridge between the East and the West. He is also
H.P.B.'s bridge to the Americas.

5. H.P.B. even went so far as to write concerning Judge in one
instance: "His ever and till and AFTER death." (ibid. 280) After death?

6. There is the well known testimony of C.F. Willard concerning
Judge's change of appearance at the Boston Convention of 1891(TJC, pt.
1, 37).

What does this demonstrate? According to the testimony of WQJ and
HPB, Judge was a chela trained in certain occult practices. It is
also known that HPB made it very clear that no medium would be able to
contact the dead Madam Blavatsky. To say that "Judge believed he was
in communication with the dead HPB" is nonsense. To say that Judge
through his occult training was able to contact the living Nirmanakaya
that informed HPB is plausible. In principle it would not be
different than him communicating with M. There is enough
circumstantial evidence to make this plausible. There is no evidence
to support the innuendo that Judge used mediums or was a medium
himself, intent on trying to contact HPB. This has always been simply


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William Q. Judge Believed He was in Communication with the dead Madame Blavatsky


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