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Re: Theos-World Concerning Secrecy - H. P. Blavatsky's Esoteric Instructions

Apr 18, 2006 00:43 AM
by Cass Silva

Before one can even get an inkling of the esoteric, one needs to be fully v=
ersed in the universal language of symbols, religion, and science.

Exoterically she is saying that religion has caused all the suffering in th=
e world, and she has also provided explananation on how the cosmos works.

What do we actually mean we throw out words such as exoteric and esoteric. =
 At Uni I was taught that the exoteric simply carried the story, (The Merch=
ant of Venice) etc, while the esoteric was the moral dilemma of the human c=
ondition underlying the  story.


Vincent <> wrote: Here is my take on the following:

Exoteric: Knowledge which is freely given to the masses (sort of=20
like free grammar schooling for kids; government and society fit the=20
bill, so poor individuals can still get it)

Esoteric: Knowledge which you have to pay money for (sort of like=20
getting an expensive college degree, if you're first wealthy; higher=20
education costs big bucks)

At least, that's how Exoteric and Esoteric knowledge are dispensed=20
by the schools in the United States.  Take for example, the realms=20
of medicine, law, management supervision or high-tech engineering.=20=20
These are all esoteric realms of knowledge, which are not freely=20
dispensed.  You better have the money.  These are the secret=20
doctrines of corporate professionals.

But don't dare tote this knowledge without a corporate title and=20
paper degree.  You must first be authorized.



--- In, "M K Ramadoss"  wrote:
> Here is my take on the following.
> With passage of time what was once esoteric/hidden becomes=20
> The real secrets are never to be found written anywhere as much of=20
it has to
> learned to read between the lines and using one's intuition.
>  Hence, I do not see any problem in making what has already been=20
printed or
> handwritten to be made available on the Internet.
> For those who are not yet ready to really understand, even when=20
truth stares
> at them when they read a written material, they are likely to be=20
blind to it
> and do not see it.
> In my own personal experience, there are items I have read decades=20
ago which
> did not make much sense then are now making more sense and am able=20
> understand better.
> mkr
> PS: I read somewhere that a great man said "Nothing created by=20
human mind is
> sacred"
> On 4/17/06, M. Sufilight  wrote:
> >
> >
> > I am quite certain, that those Seekers after Truth, who yet do=20
NOT really
> > and honestly Know, what is good to publish and make officially=20
available -
> > and what NOT to make officially available - aught NOT to publish=20
anything -
> > not yet published. And they aught to carefully consider their=20
> > when copying papers from other authuors and while later=20
distributing them -
> > for instance distributing them on the Internet. We all have=20
something to
> > learn.
> > Remember, that the Master said, that Blavatsky in fact was too=20
> >
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