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Re: Theos-World Concerning Secrecy - H. P. Blavatsky's Esoteric Instructions

Apr 18, 2006 00:07 AM
by Vincent

Exoteric: Knowledge which is freely given to the masses (sort of 
like free grammar schooling for kids; government and society fit the 
bill, so poor individuals can still get it)

Esoteric: Knowledge which you have to pay money for (sort of like 
getting an expensive college degree, if you're first wealthy; higher 
education costs big bucks)

At least, that's how Exoteric and Esoteric knowledge are dispensed 
by the schools in the United States.  Take for example, the realms 
of medicine, law, management supervision or high-tech engineering.  
These are all esoteric realms of knowledge, which are not freely 
dispensed.  You better have the money.  These are the secret 
doctrines of corporate professionals.

But don't dare tote this knowledge without a corporate title and 
paper degree.  You must first be authorized.



--- In, "M K Ramadoss" <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Here is my take on the following.
> With passage of time what was once esoteric/hidden becomes 
> The real secrets are never to be found written anywhere as much of 
it has to
> learned to read between the lines and using one's intuition.
>  Hence, I do not see any problem in making what has already been 
printed or
> handwritten to be made available on the Internet.
> For those who are not yet ready to really understand, even when 
truth stares
> at them when they read a written material, they are likely to be 
blind to it
> and do not see it.
> In my own personal experience, there are items I have read decades 
ago which
> did not make much sense then are now making more sense and am able 
> understand better.
> mkr
> PS: I read somewhere that a great man said "Nothing created by 
human mind is
> sacred"
> On 4/17/06, M. Sufilight <global-theosophy@...> wrote:
> >
> >
> > I am quite certain, that those Seekers after Truth, who yet do 
NOT really
> > and honestly Know, what is good to publish and make officially 
available -
> > and what NOT to make officially available - aught NOT to publish 
anything -
> > not yet published. And they aught to carefully consider their 
> > when copying papers from other authuors and while later 
distributing them -
> > for instance distributing them on the Internet. We all have 
something to
> > learn.
> > Remember, that the Master said, that Blavatsky in fact was too 
> >
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