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Re: Theos-World Wisdom Is Not Just Words

Apr 17, 2006 09:46 PM
by Cass Silva


carlosaveline <> wrote:=20
Dear Friends,

Daniel Caldwell writes, in the text he mentions below:=20

"Since I first published The Esoteric Papers of Madame Blavatsky in early 2=
005, students of the United Lodge of Theosophists 'tradition' have written =
to me 'protesting' that I should not have published these private papers wh=
ich HPB had originally intended only for her esoteric school students. Some=
 of these ULT students even believe that this publication is an  'injustice=
' to HPB and the Mahatmas and that I have also created 'bad' karma for myse=
"I should also point out that some of these ULT students who have strongly =
objected to my publishing of HPB's esoteric papers have admitted to me that=
 they also have access to these esoteric papers of H.P.B. and even read and=
 study them.  Therefore one might seriously ask:  who has given permission =
to these present-day ULT students to read and study these esoteric papers w=
hich were originally published by H.P.B. decades before they were even born=
? "
My answer:=20
I hope Daniel did not have to invent or fabricate those "ULT students"  who=
m he says wrote to him "protesting".=20=20
But Daniel entirely misses the point I am raising.=20
I am not discussing here the publication of HPB's  Esoteric Section papers.=
 Boris de Zirkoff published them in the "Collected Writings", volume XII, a=
nd I have nothing to say here about such a publication. That is a more comp=
lex issue, which would have to be discussed in a proper way.
The point I am making here is that pouring HPB's Esoteric Papers into the I=
nternet is a wild form of mental pollution.=20
A serious and balanced editor must have some empathy and responsibility wit=
h regard to the texts he edits and publishes.=20
It is obvious that putting information in the Internet is not the same as s=
timulating people's consciousness and conscience.=20=20
Anyone who has respect for the wisdom tradition knows that information must=
 be handled with care --  and not thrown out at people's faces just to show=
 them "how much information you have".=20
On the other hand, it is also important the way material is presented.=20
Boris de Zirkoff published the Esoteric School Papers in a respectful way. =
 One might discuss whether he should have published those papers or not -- =
but putting them in the internet is an entirely different thing, even if th=
ey have not been adulterated.=20
We all know what is the Internet these says.  How many "trollers" and liars=
 circulate fake texts in the internet?  Worldwide, police departments have =
to put more and more policemen in action to fight various kinds of internet=
The main point, though, is to perceive the difference between WORDS and CON=
Any irresponsible editor can copy texts and put them -- perhaps without alt=
ering them -- into the Internet.=20=20
Only living Schools (either Esoteric or not) can preserve the SPIRIT  which=
 is beyond the DEAD LETTER.=20=20
Human beings are still  irreplaceable. Fortunately so.
Theosophy is not WORDS only.  Words are but one of its many tools.=20
Best regards,  Carlos.=20



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