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"No proper identification": Do we have a good example with the ETS reprint???

Apr 17, 2006 12:35 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Please notice the progression here:

Originally Carlos wrote:

"In the disgusting volume The Esoteric World of Madame Blavatsky 
while believing the editor has selected truthful documents  the
reader will bump into many of the lies written against HPB. There he
will see two texts by Emma Coulomb (pp. 35-36 and pp. 210-215) with
no word from the 'editor' Daniel Cadlwell admitting he is publishing
documents which have no trace of truth in them whatsoever."

Notice Carlos' words:

" word from the 'editor' Daniel Cadlwell admitting ...."

Now after I have pointed out repeatedly that this is simply not true 
by quoting directly from my book several statements showing that 
what Carlos wrote is not accurate, Carlos apparently backs off from 
his "NO WORD" stance and writes instead:

"Only in the final pages of his sad book he made commentaries 
admitting those 'texts' were likely not authentic."

Well I guess we should be happy with his apparent concession and 
retraction of his original statement!!!

But now we must puzzle over his definition of FINAL in the 
phrase "the FINAL pages"....

because more than 100 pages BEFORE the final pages of the book I 
wrote at the appropriate place about the Coulomb attack having no 
solid foundation....

Anyway moving on....

If Carlos is really "upset" because I gave "no proper 
identification" about the Coulomb testimony, then is the following 
example another example of what Carlos would consider "no proper 

In 1995, the Edmonton Theosophical Society (who is also the 
publisher of Fohat where Carlos originally wrote his above quoted 
words about my book) REPRINTED the ENTIRE 112 pages of Madame 
Coulomb's "disgusting" (to use Aveline's description) pamphlet. 

They published the ENTIRE pamphlet and sold it.  A correspondent of 
mine originally wrote me informing me that he had bought this 
reprint and I in turn bought  copies although I had a copy of the 

Nowhere in the reprint by ETS is there ONE WORD warning today's 
readers about the contents of this volume....not even in the FINAL 
pages of this reprint!!

Maybe Carlos should dash off a letter to FOHAT and ETS telling them 
that they should have done differently....that they should not have 
reprinted this DISGUSTING volume...and with "no proper 
identification." !!!


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