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Re: Theos-World Hymn of Creation: Savitri

Apr 16, 2006 01:25 PM
by Jacques Mahnich

  It was the hour before the Gods awake.
Across the path of the divine Event
  The huge foreboding mind of Night, alone
  In her unlit temple of eternity,
  Lay streched immobile upon Silence' marge.
Almost one felt, opaque, impenetrable,
  In the sombre symbol of her eyeless muse
  The abysm of the unbodied Infinite;
  A fathomless zero occupied the world.
A power of fallen boundless self awake
  Between the first and the last Nothingness,
  Recalling the tenebrous womb from which it came,
  Turned from the insoluble mystery of birth
  And the tardy process of mortality
  And longed to reach its end in vacant Nought.
  As in a dark beginning of all things,
  A mute featureless semblance of the Unknown
  Repeating for ever the unconscious act,
  Prolonging for ever the unseeing will,
  Cradled the cosmic drowse of ignorant Force
  Whose moved creative slumber kindles the suns
  And carries our lives in its somnanbulist whirl.
  Athwart the vain enormous trance of Space,
  Its formless stupor without mind or life,
  A shadow spinning through a soulless Void,
  Thrown back once more into unthinking dreams,
  Earth wheeled abandoned in the hollow gulfs
  Forgetful of her spirit and her fate.
The impassive skies were neutral, empty, still.
  Then something in the inscrutable darkness stirred;
  A nameless movement, an unthought Idea
  Insistent, dissatisfied, without an aim.
Something that wished but knew not how to be,
  Teased the Inconscient to wake Ignorance.
A throe that came and left a quivering trace,
  Gave room for an old tired want unfilled,
  At peace in its subconscient moonless cave
  To raise its head and look for an absent light,
  Straining closed eyes of vanished memory,
  Like one who searches for a bygone self
  And only meets the corpse of his desire.
danielhcaldwell <> wrote:
  Hymn of Creation: "He verily knows it, or perhaps he knows it not."

Below I give 4 different versions of the remarkable "Hymn of 
Creation" from the Rig Veda. 

I remember when I was in my teens and having what later I would 
learn were mystical experiences, I ran across the "Hymn of 
Creation." It awakened in me other inner experiences many of which I 
still do not understand. 

Later in 1968 I discovered Theosophy and the writings of Madame 
Blavatky. I was literally amazed when I first read the Stanzas of 
Dzyan and HPB's commentaries on the Stanzas. These stanzas also 
awakened something in me very reminiscent of my experiences with the 
Hymn of Creation.

Several years later in the 70s, in the library where I was working, 
I found a book written by Georg Feuerstein and Jeanine Miller. 
Information on the latest reprint of this book can be found at:
The Essence of Yoga: Essays on the Development of Yogic Philosophy 
from the Vedas to Modern Times

I was greatly impressed by the whole book especially the following 

"Some Notes on Rgvedic Interpretation" (J. Miller and G. Feuerstein) 
"The Hymn of Creation. A Philosophical Interpretation" (J. Miller) 
"Forerunners of Yoga: The Kesin Hymn" (J. Miller) 
"The Heart of Rgvedic Religion: Agni, Flame Divine" (J. Miller)

The chapter on "The Hymn of Creation" by Jeanine Miller is highly 
recommended, especially for students of THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

Anyway, below are the 4 versions.


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