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Heresy and religious leadership in US Congress

Apr 15, 2006 07:14 AM
by M. Sufilight

My views are:


A Church, which has many followers in USA, and is named "Christian Coalition of America".
This is the same church, which have many members/followers in the US Congress.

Christian Coalition of America
"In both the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections, voter mobilization efforts of conservative Christians tended to be focused internally within the machinery of the Republican Party, as opposed to lobby groups and voter mobilization organizations such as the Christian Coalition. In a related example of this more "in-house" approach to mobilizing votes from the conservative Christian community, Ralph Reed served as Southeast Regional chairman for the Bush-Cheney campaign during the 2004 Presidential election.
In the 2000 Presidential elections, the organization distributed over 70 million voter guides in churches all across America, including over 5 million in Spanish, (apprx. 2 million of which were distributed in Florida alone). In 2004, the group distributed approx. 30 million voter guides, but this time in targeted states and congressional districts, choosing instread to focus its efforts on areas that were more politically competitive.

After Pat Robertson stepped down as the group's president in 2000, Roberta Combs took over the Coalition. Members of her family are now high-ranking officials in the group, so it's safe to say that Combs has inherited the Coalition from Robertson."

"Robertson is the author of seventeen books including "Miracles Can Be Yours Today," "Courting Disaster," "The Ten Offenses," "Bring It On," "Six Steps To Revival," "The Turning Tide," "The New Millennium," "The New World Order," "Shout It From The Housetops," and his first fiction, "The End of the Age." "The Secret Kingdom" was number three on Time magazine's national non-fiction list. "The New World Order" was number four on the New York Times' non-fiction list of America's best selling books. "The Secret Kingdom," "Answers to 100 of Life's Most Probing Questions," and "The New World Order" were each in their respective year of publication the number one religious book in America." (Maybe the best online paper.)

2. More
Christian Coalition of America
"In 1992, Ralph Reed told a Coalition gathering, "The first strategy, and in many ways the most important strategy, for evangelicals is secrecy."

"The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party"

"Christian Coalition Rates the U.S. Congress, 2004

The Christian Coalition was founded in 1989 by television preacher Pat Robertson to take over the Repuliban Party from the bottom up. It has been remarkably successful at getting candidates elected. While the organization is now considered a sinking ship -- they have been surpassed by Focus on the Family and The Family Research Council -- their Congressional scorecards are still useful. Their ratings cover a broader range of issues than the other groups, showing the breadth of their agenda. To read Christian Coalition scorecards for the 108th Congress, and the issues on which they were based, click here.

In 2004, forty-eight out of fifty-one Republican Senators voted with the Christian Coalition 100% of the time. One Democrat also received a 100% scorecard -- Zell Miller who has since retired." 

Prayer at US Schools
"In 1962, the justices ruled that official prayer had no place in public education."
- - - 

The danger.
The Christian Coalition is a political Christian organisation. Membership is estimated to be between 400.000 and 1.700.000. 
If it is as true as it seems, that many members of the US Congress are Christians and also supporters of this organisation, I think you will understand, why Blavatsky so often spoke out against the "Jesuits" in her time. Blavatsky called them the most dangerous to the theosophical cause.
The Catholic Pope seems content with the present religious leadership in the US Congress. The Pope has at least not raised his voice against it.

Many people in various countries act as if they suddenly have lost their heads when it is Easter.

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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