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Poverty and zero-point consciousness

Apr 12, 2006 07:00 AM
by stillpointed

What has the "connection between 'zero-point' consciousness and 
theosophy" have to do with a discussion about "poverty"? One relates 
to metaphysics and science and the other relates to economics and 
personal circumstances. 

Hi Len

Let's assume for the sake of discussion that there is a connection  
between Theosophy and zero-point consciousness. More to the point, 
however, is the significant connection that may exist between zero-
point consciousness and poverty, and how this might be so? 

Let's define poverty as the condition of a segment of the population 
who for some reason are unable to compete in the means of producing 
wealth and are unable to meet its needs for food, shelter, and some 
comforts considered minimal for that society by some agreed upon 
consensus. This poverty would include members of society who are 
getting by with public assistance, since that is a drain on society 
which can readily increase the extent of poverty.  The reason people 
are unable to compete may include psychological and economic factors. 

The creation of wealth can be seen behind the growing divide it 
generates between the rich and the poor, which involves exploitation, 
conflict, and which periodically leads to war and suffering. And 
behind the creation of wealth is a process of objectification and 
commoditization that affects everyone and everything that comes into 
its global purview, poor and rich alike.   We see today how the 
effects of global materialism is challenging the very existence of 

So a possible solution, both individual and societal, would involve a 
release from the excesses of the object-world.   One method, 
the "realization of `ordinary' space," utilizes a meditative 
stillness which may naturally align with, harmonize, or resonate with 
zero-point consciousness and its healing vibration.  If such a method 
were widely propagated, minds could open to the elimination of 
poverty and the betterment of mankind...if its not too late.  Ed

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