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Judge's Diaries: Judge for yourself

Apr 12, 2006 01:14 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Daniel's opinion that the document that he calls a diary 
(speculative, no basis in fact) throws light on Judge's 
deposing of Mrs. Besant is again speculative.  Argue 
the case Daniel.  It has been speculated elsewhere 
that these documents may be working journals where 
Judge tested psychics and recorded his results.  
Perhaps he was testing his own intuitive abilities.
Perhaps we was communicating with the Masters.  
Perhaps he was doing all of this. This is all 
speculation and he may not necessarily have 
believed the content of his "diary".  Regardless, 
until argument is made one way or another, your 
statement is pure speculation and it must be 
questioned why you think this will add anything 
to the Judge Case without the proper
analysis first being done.  As I read your 
speculative opinions that you are
throwing around like they are fact, I can't help 
but feel that this is a case of Daniel projecting 
is own inadequacies onto the work in question.
These "diaries" are bound to be controversial 
and are best treated on their own.

Where does one begin to even try to answer all
of these suppositions?

Let me at least say the following.

Several years ago I was allowed to personally examine this 
particular 1894 diary which was in Mr. Judge's handwriting.  At the 
time of my examination, the diary was in the safekeeping of a well-
known student of Mr. Judge's writings.

I should state here that I have also seen two other Judge diaries.  
One diary covered the time period Nov-Dec., 1888 when Mr. Judge went 
to England, Ireland and Germany.  The other diary had entries for 
the fall of 1891.   Both of these diaries are in Mr. Judge's 
handwriting and are preserved in the Archives of The Theosophical 
Society, Pasadena, California.

Now let me at this point, just focus on one of Bruce's MAYBEs.

Bruce writes that Judge "may not necessarily have believed the 
content of his 'diary'."

Let me take the 1888 diary.  I studied this diary in great detail.  
It would be sheer nonsense in my opinion to say that Judge may not 
necessarily have believed the contents of this particular diary. 
Much of what was in his diary could be confirmed for example from 
some of his letters of that time period or in various recollections 
by other people, or from what HPB may have written, etc. etc.  It 
would be silly in my opinion to therefore say well maybe Judge may 
not have beleived the contents. He was writing about events of each 
day, putting down his own thoughts and ruminations, his observations 
much of which could be confirmed from other sources but of course 
the diary added additional details and insights and was helpful in 
adding to one's understanding of the flow of events in 1888.  The 
same way with his 1891 diary.

Now to his 1894 diary.  

If Bruce still wants to contend that Judge "may not necessarily have 
believed the content of his 'diary'", then I ask other interested 
readers to read and compare what is said in this diary with what is 
in Judge's esoteric circular of Nov. 1894.  

And as you read and compare the two, ask the following question:

Well, did Judge really believe what he wrote in his  esoteric 

IF he believed what he wrote in the esoteric circular then one could 
reasonably conclude that he also believed the content of those diary 
entries that give similar if not identical statements of facts.

Is that such a stretch???

Also by carefully consulting THE PATH for the latter part of 1894, 
various other esoteric circulars of the same time period, various 
published and unpublished letters of Judge, various letters to him 
from friends and co-workers, etc. etc. one can see that many if not 
most of the contents can be directly and indirectly confirmed.  And 
the unique parts of the diary entries simply add various details, 
insights, etc. to what can be already gleaned and collated from 
the above mentioned sources.

I hope that makes sense since I don't have the time to go into this 
in any greater detail at this time.

So here are the two documents that I offer for comparison:

William Q. Judge's Diary for Oct.-Dec. 1894

By Master's Direction

And for the time period covering early 1895:  Compare and contrast 
and collate these documents.  I think one can come to a reasonable 
conclusion as to what Mr. Judge believed was true in these events:

And there are ALSO other documents which if consulted will fill
in the gaps and give a fairly coherent understanding of what
Mr. Judge believed about the 1895 events unfolding at that time.


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