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Are you trying to tell me I get First Prize for the Best Dugpa on Theos-Talk?

Apr 11, 2006 07:03 PM
by danielhcaldwell

You write:

Regrettably he is single mindedly interested in 
preserving the lies and misunderstandings of the 
past and repeating them at every opportunity.
This does nothing to clarify, rather it only 
muddies the waters.  He even goes to the extent 
of providing accusations against the contents 
of The Judge Case that he knows have already 
been answered elsewhere.  Throw as
much mud as one can as some is sure to stick.
....Why is Daniel trying to keep this wild 
speculation alive?  ....Perhaps it is time 
that Daniel Caldwell should look himself in 
the mirror and ask himself why he wants to 
continue to be a merchant in lies and
innuendo.  Who is it that is really dealing 

Bruce, are you trying to tell me I get First 
Prize for the Best Dugpa on Theos-Talk????

Didn't Jerome give me Best Brother of the Shadow
award last year in the pages of FOHAT?

Chuck, competition is here!!!   :)

OBTW, Bruce, could you please give us maybe
one or two specific examples of "the lies and 
misunderstandings" about Judge you claim I am spreading?
That way at least other readers will know exactly
what you are talking about......


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