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Is Bruce putting words and thoughts in my mouth and mind???!!

Apr 11, 2006 03:05 PM
by danielhcaldwell

I like the way you think you know what I really think
and believe!!

How in heavens do you come to some of your

Where does one start to answer all of your
suppositions -- one piled upon another?!!

I hope that the campaign to get Adyar to open their archives
and publish all the relevant Judge documents
is successful!  All of this material should
have been available years ago.  Also the Pasadena
TS and their archives also has many relevant documents
concerning the Judge case, etc. that should be made available
and published.

My own personal experience has been that sometimes Adyar and 
sometimes Pasadena has provided me with valuable archival material
and other times they have declined to provide material.  I don't know
what their motivations were for declining certain material.

I have always considered myself an outsider with these groups 
although I am a member of both groups.  I probably ask too many 
questions and I have published material that both groups probably 
didn't want published! or circulated!

If I have any expertise at all it is with the Blavatsky material.  I 
have focused most of my attention and efforts on trying to collect 
and understand the history of the movement up to HPB's death.  But I 
also try not to prejudge things. I try to look at the evidence pro 
and con and then try to let the evidence tip the scales for me.  
That is why I wanted years ago to study all the material relating to 
the Hodgson/Coulomb case.  etc. etc. I slowly came to the opinion 
that what Hodgson and Coulomb said about HPB was not true.  BUT I 
didn't just read and accept what Waterman/Carrithers or Harrison or 
Cranston wrote. I went to the original material and read and studied 
it for myself.  Have you, for example, personally read and carefully 
studied Hodgson's Report?? and then looked at dozens of other 
relevant documents and collated all of this together???  I have and 
one can gain some very important insights, etc.

As regards the controversy surrounding Mr. Judge, I am very much for 
to be made available and published either in books or on the web.

As to my comments about Pelletier's book, I believe my statements 
are factual and true. Please show me where I have misstated 
something.  Goodness I said Pelletier's book contained a treasure 
trove of good material. But I also stand by my other statements.


--- In, "Robert Bruce MacDonald" 
<robert.b.macdonald@...> wrote:
> Dear Folks,
> Does anyone get the idea that Daniel does not like Judge or Judge 
> supporters?  The effort he puts into keeping alive a century old 
> that can only divide theosophists from one another is truly 
remarkable.  If 
> he is so concerned with the truth why doesn't he use the capital 
he has with 
> Wheaton and Adyar to demand that they make accessible their 
archives?  It is 
> not the defenders of Judge and Blavatsky that have anything to 
hide.  I 
> would certainly support him in any effort he makes towards 
clarifying the 
> issues.  Regrettably he is single mindedly interested in 
preserving the lies 
> and misunderstandings of the past and repeating them at every 
> This does nothing to clarify, rather it only muddies the waters.  
He even 
> goes to the extent of providing accusations against the contents 
of The 
> Judge Case that he knows have already been answered elsewhere.  
Throw as 
> much mud as one can as some is sure to stick.
> The sad fact is that there exists no case against Judge, only 
> and suppositions - no evidence.  What Ernest Pelletier has done is 
> demonstrated that there is no evidence against Judge, and then 
provided us a 
> reasonable explanation of what happened given the record of 
> integrity and his claims of innocence.  What Daniel has done 
> that Judge is a liar without integrity and has "SPECULATED" that 
he was in 
> fact politically motivated to try and gain the presidency of the 
TS (What 
> Utter Nonsense! - Where is the evidence?) by demonstrating his 
closeness to 
> the Masters.  Where is there any evidence to support this 
speculation?  Why 
> is Daniel trying to keep this wild speculation alive?  What 
purpose does it 
> serve?  It does not serve the interests of theosophy nor the 
Object of 
> Universal Brotherhood.  D.J. Buxey, after spending many years 
around some of 
> the principles in this matter has come to the conclusion that 
Besant and 
> Olcott felt they had wronged Judge.  See:
> Perhaps it is time that Daniel Caldwell should look himself in the 
> and ask himself why he wants to continue to be a merchant in lies 
> innuendo.  Who is it that is really dealing in SPECULATION?
> If Daniel truly wants to help, then he can push to open the 
> Ernest Pelletier has already demonstrated one piece of evidence 
that Adyar 
> has hidden away in its archives, what else do they have?  Daniel?
> Bruce

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