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What is Daniel Caldwell really up to?

Apr 11, 2006 01:05 PM
by Robert Bruce MacDonald

Does anyone get the idea that Daniel does not like Judge or Judge supporters? The effort he puts into keeping alive a century old distrust that can only divide theosophists from one another is truly remarkable. If he is so concerned with the truth why doesn't he use the capital he has with Wheaton and Adyar to demand that they make accessible their archives? It is not the defenders of Judge and Blavatsky that have anything to hide. I would certainly support him in any effort he makes towards clarifying the issues. Regrettably he is single mindedly interested in preserving the lies and misunderstandings of the past and repeating them at every opportunity. This does nothing to clarify, rather it only muddies the waters. He even goes to the extent of providing accusations against the contents of The Judge Case that he knows have already been answered elsewhere. Throw as much mud as one can as some is sure to stick.

The sad fact is that there exists no case against Judge, only accusations and suppositions - no evidence. What Ernest Pelletier has done is demonstrated that there is no evidence against Judge, and then provided us a reasonable explanation of what happened given the record of Judge's integrity and his claims of innocence. What Daniel has done is "SPECULATED" that Judge is a liar without integrity and has "SPECULATED" that he was in fact politically motivated to try and gain the presidency of the TS (What Utter Nonsense! - Where is the evidence?) by demonstrating his closeness to the Masters. Where is there any evidence to support this speculation? Why is Daniel trying to keep this wild speculation alive? What purpose does it serve? It does not serve the interests of theosophy nor the Object of Universal Brotherhood. D.J. Buxey, after spending many years around some of the principles in this matter has come to the conclusion that Besant and Olcott felt they had wronged Judge. See:
Perhaps it is time that Daniel Caldwell should look himself in the mirror and ask himself why he wants to continue to be a merchant in lies and innuendo. Who is it that is really dealing in SPECULATION?

If Daniel truly wants to help, then he can push to open the archives. Ernest Pelletier has already demonstrated one piece of evidence that Adyar has hidden away in its archives, what else do they have? Daniel?


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