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Re: Theos-World Middle East and Humanity Now

Apr 10, 2006 09:33 AM
by M. Sufilight

My views are:

Allright Carlos.

Carlos wrote:
"The Middle East crisis is at the crux of human karma now. It should be part
of our job to understand it.

Therefore I invite you to expand your views about that, please."

My Sufilight answer:

First I considered this one.
"12. It is required of a member that when a question arises it shall be deeply thought over from all
its aspects, to the end that he may find the answer himself; and in no case shall questions be asked
out of curiosity, nor until the person has exhausted every ordinary means of solving the doubt or of
acquiring himself the information sought. Otherwise his intuition will never be developed. He will not
learn self-reliance; and two of the main objects of the Section will be defeated. For an adept becomes
such by his own exertions, by the self-development of his own power; and no one but himself can effect
this work. "An adept becomes, he is not made." The office of Guru or Guide is to adjust the disciple in
his progress, and not to drag or push him forward. "

Then I added the below.
Maybe some of the readers should not read it. The development of the intuition is perhaps more important.

What you appearnetly call the "Middle East crisis" is as I tried to tell you in my previous email
CERTAINLY NOT a Middle Eastern crisis alone.

We do certainly also have a Western crisis. The Western crisis is partly, that the Western or Westernized
countries think by themselves, that their lifestyles are superior to for instance ALL of the Middle Eastern ones
or certain Middle Eastern ones. And superior to all other countries.
The so-called bad Middle Eastern lifestyles are most often those, which are been thrown at people in the
westernized Massmedias news flashes and other programes.
One can also question whether or not a substantial part of the population in India have a crisis on its relation
towards the Middle Eastern countries. The latest ruffles with Pakistan have created more than enough problems.
We also aught to remember, that India is one of the worlds most poopulated countries.

I find it fair to say, that the western countries massmedias like to picture the Middle eastern countries as
terrorist states, or out of control violent religious countries, or countries with one single goal: Expansion of
their faith Islam and more or less peaceful promotion of nuclear developments.
I find it similarly true, that the Western or Westernized countries, especially their leaders and influential persons included,
at least partly are waging a Christian crusade at the Middle East (and other countries) through use of the Massmedias
and even the Internet.
The same westernized and western countries are partly only very waguely aware of, that their own countries has
their own serious evils. Try for instance just to ask yourselves how many people died last night in USA in
gang-related wars, and drug-related wars. If you compare that number with numbers in Middle Eastern countries,
I think you will get my view.
Also try the number of rape victims in USA and compare this to any Middle Eastern country. I think you now
understand why I find the present situation in the massmedias quite worrying. Comparing using statistics created
by people with bias, and then comparing by using the theosophical intuition are not always giving the same results.

All the above have a serious effect upon the theosophical beginners. And as long as the Theosophical groups and
organisations are not relating their teachings and literary sales, promotions and outlets towards this issue in a wise
and compassionate manner - they will have to face the karmic consequences of their lack of wisdom and compassion.

I am in fact also saying, that the old classic theosophical books and articles are NOT in any way suited to adress
the present situation. >>> They are in fact creating a problem more than they are seeking to solve it. <<< The old
Theosophical classical books and articles are simply to waguely referring to Middle eastern literary theosophical
and esoterical outlets. And in general the Theosophical groups and Organisation are putting way too little emphasis
on the Middle East and its treasures of valuable esoteric and theosophical literature.
(Maybe Daniel Caldwell, ULT, TS Adyar, TS Pasadena's and others would throw a few words about their own outlets.)
- This is especially important in these days with ongiong USA and EU crusade activities. The Jesuits are out of the cage.
And they are the worst treath to the theosophical cause. Blavatsky said it herself. And as far as I can see it, she got it quite right !

The Seekers after Truth would do well in understanding these issues.

Blavatsky on the dangers of the Jesusits:
My recent email on the above article:

The "jesuits" are very powerful in any of western or westernized the countries today. And they have some very
cunning laywers - I tell you. And they truely swear with the Bible a whole lot.
(They are funny, but they are also dangerous to the wisdom teachings.)
The Bible, a book which has more than 64.000 mistranslations and other mistakes.

Jesuits are not always members of a branch of the Christian faith. They sometimes act more or less consciously
with an Christian-related narrowmindedness, cultural bias and ignorance about Middle Eastern thinking,
wisdom and true esoterical compassion. They can be a member of any organisation, - well even Theos-talk.

So we do not mind heretics. But, they aught to remember to be truely and honestly compassionate.

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2006 6:22 PM
Subject: Theos-World Middle East and Humanity Now


I cannot disagree with anything you wrote below.

I believe present-day theosophical movement is pretty much about repeating
the same ideas (which are eternally valid) -- and it is scarcely able to
relate those grand ideas to actual situations, both in individual lives and

As we hardly look at our own movement with the clear goal to improve it, we
also avoid looking at the challenges which face humanity now. Ethical,
envrinmental, poliical-military.

The Middle East crisis is at the crux of human karma now. It should be part
of our job to understand it.

Therefore I invite you to expand your views about that, please.

I hold that HPB/Masters' teachings on centralized, intolerant religions is
of key importance for going ahead in terms of theosophical movement and for
human development. But this hypothesis of mine cannot be tested, and duly
investigated, if we do not look at actual facts taking place right now.

Some 80 persons were killed in Irak as they went out of a religious ceremony
yesterday, Friday, April 7th. Shia Moslems mass-murdered by Suny Moslems
suicide bombers.

In Palestine, Palestinians fight Palestinians.

The circle of hatred seems to expand -- and everything which expands will
later retreat, as Philosophical Taoism rightfully explains.

The first sign of retreat may be this recent phenomena: the growing violence
among Moslems; ripening karma leads violence back to its cause.

The old trick of authoritarian Arab regimes using hatred against an
external enemy (Western society as a whole) to avoid the domestic
consequences of their own utter corruption --- is ceasing to work.

The same can be said, in part, of the industrial-military complex in the USA
and the policy of Mr. G. W. Bush. USA's democracy is very good, but I
cannot say the same of the military-industrial interests in the USA, which
have a tendency to fabricate military enemies in order to keep and enhance
their profits. North American people is just about to awaken to new levels
of vigilance about that.

So, Sufilight and friends, tell us more about Middle East. We should be able
to exchange our different views about that caleidoscopal mystery -- a
mystery which hides a promise of peace.

Regards, Carlos.

From: "M. Sufilight" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: Theos-World RE: Pseudo-theosophy and the Sufis
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 11:43:22 +0200

Hallo all,

My views are:

This is a short answer to your question:

I hold it to be true, that most theosophical teachings, which are used by
Theosophical groups
and organisations are targetting a western audience or westernized
audience - and certainly not a Middle Eastern one. This is - today - in our
present informations society not an expression of compassion or altruism. I
find it to be an expression of westernized narrowmindedness.

Today we have the western massmedias overwhelmingly influence on
communication around the globe. The western massmedias are with their news
flashes and the like creating a distorted image of the Middle East. And
have succeed in fooling many beginner Theosophists and even Theosophical
teachers on what the Middle East is.

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

----- Original Message -----
From: "carlosaveline cardoso aveline" <>
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Sent: Friday, April 07, 2006 12:28 AM
Subject: Theos-World RE: Pseudo-theosophy and the Sufis

> Dear Sufilight,
> I am not sure I understood you point with regard to the Middle East,
> but I totally agree with you on the need to be non-mechanistical in our
> approach to Theosophy.
> (Perhaps you can clarify your point on the Middle East.)
> Regards, Carlos.
>>From: "M. Sufilight" <>
>>To: <>
>>Subject: Theos-World On Pseudo-theosophy, Jesuits and the Sufis of the
>>Middle East.
>>Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 17:49:49 +0200
>>Hallo all,
>>My views are:
>>I hold it to be true, that theosophical teachings, which are not >>adapted
>>time place and people
>>are pseudo-theosophical.
>>Blavatsky always told us, that we should not be clinging to dead-letter
>>teachings like the Christians
>>and their use of the Bible.
>>I truely hope, that theosophical literary outlets and websites on
>>theosophy in the future will become much more multiculturally wise. In
>>I am protesting against the cultural bias, towards the Middle East,
>>we so often withnesses in theosophical teachings, circles, >>organisations
>>and especailly on theosophical websites.
>>The question is if anyone has compassion enough to understand this
>>M. Sufilight with peace and love...
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