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Re: Theos-World String Theory - Leon

Apr 09, 2006 11:43 PM
by Cass Silva

Interesting also is the wording, "a type of theoretical space filling objec=
t"  I guess this means that as they can calculate or  imagine "wave interfe=
rence patterns" then their must be an "object" so to speak causing these wa=
ves, and this object is a string or membrane, spinning, I imagine for these=
 waves to appear as patterns?=20=20=20

I am trying to picture it but am stuck in a duality.  Are we connected as c=
onsciousbeings through our DNA to the Mothership Membrane?

Cass wrote:=20
In a message dated 4/4/06 1:37:09 AM, writes:

>      String theory =E2=80=94 the concept that all particles can be repres=
ented as=20
> strings or string-loops of incredibly minute length, oscillating at vario=
> frequencies =E2=80=94 was initially developed to help explain why quarks,=
 the tiny=20
> fundamental particles that make up protons and neutrons, are always confi=
> within larger composite particles. However, string theory has evolved to =
> scientists to deal with some wider issues. For example, they can use stri=
> theory to devise explanations for some grand problems in cosmology, such =
as the=20
> state of the universe =E2=80=94 its shape, size, etc. =E2=80=94 just afte=
r the Big Bang,=20
> when quarks roamed freely.=20=20
>                               =
> Along these lines, a group of theoretical physicists has recently publish=
> an interesting string-theory scenario that describes a new way to approac=
> the development of the Big Bang. They propose that the universe began as =
a type=20
> of theoretical space-filling object called a =E2=80=9Cbrane.=E2=80=9D
Whoop de do.... They just discovered the astral field that surrounds=20
everything in our space time continuum that appears as holographic wave int=
patterns on its coenergetic field surface or (Mem)brane.   But, they're sti=
walking around in Plato's dark cellar and seeing the shadows on the walls. =
day they'll wake up and realize that the ABC theory (which is pure=20
theosophical metaphysics) sees it as it actually is.=20

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