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Re: [Mind and Brain] The "TIME" factor related to Dreams, Thinking, Mind, Brain

Apr 09, 2006 09:56 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 4/8/06 9:14:14 PM, writes:

> Leon,
> You say: "Thereby, both the hard problems of consciousness and your equally 
> hard problem of dream time vs. waking time, can be easily explained by the 
> ABC theory". But I believe John was asking for an explanation of the hard 
> problem associated with the  'dead time' state.
> Perhaps he did imply that... But his specific question was based on his 
experienced dream state time vs. awake state time.   

As for 'dead time' vs. awake time, that would   be similar to an NDE with a 
completely sequential life review (which I experienced around age 50) that went 
over every word and action of a full lifetime of experience in less than the 
several minutes that I was presumed brain dead... But, my experience was that 
I was actually out of body watching the whole show from up near the ceiling 
and laughing about how funny everyone looked moving in molasses-like slow motion 
as they came running to my assistance and trying to revive me.   All I could 
conclude from that experience, was that consciousness does not cease after 
death, and that there's a great difference in time constant between the waking 
state and the after death state -- similar to what John experienced in the dream 
state.   I would assume that this also applies to the differences in 
fundamental frequencies of the coenergetic fields of brain, mind and memory that carry 
those modulated images or contents of consciousness on their surfaces.

> I read your reply very carefully but was unable to ascertain how the ABC 
> allows for consciousness and self identity after death. You do suggest that 
> can survive from life to life. However, for most of us they are not 
remembered. So 
> could you elaborate on what ABC says about consciousness and self identity 
> death?

The self identity is postulated by ABC to be unchanged after death because 
the zero-point center of the coenergetic fields surrounding it, representing our 
individual identity that resides at the neural plexus behind the naval while 
alive, is the center of the outer spiritual field and its twin inner fields 
that together represent our triune monad (or soul in theological terms) 
consisting of the higher rational mind, intuitive mind, and the all encompassing 
individual spiritual field of consciousness. See human chakra-field diagrams at: 

According to ABC, since these highest order monadic fields must, 
theoretically, remain intact after death -- their zero-point center of origin, which 
represents our individual self awareness and power of will or intent, cannot change 
its condition or its functions because of the following process:

After the death of the physical body, along with the brain and the discharge 
of its mundane lifetime memories (which might take up to eight minutes 
according to the Tibetan teachings), followed by the death of the Astral form body 
and its dissipation, along with the Prana or Chi (vital energy field) and lower 
(animal mind and instinctive mind) fields (which takes 49 days according to 
the Tibetan Book of the Dead) the remaining fields (higher rational and 
intuitive mind) along with the surrounding spiritual field that contains them (where 
the past and present lifetime memories are stored) -- being of the highest 
order corresponding to the initial Solar system's monadic fields appearing at the 
moment of its birth -- remains intact as long as the analogous Solar Monad 
fields, as an inseparable trinity, remain intact...   And, continues as such even 
during its sleep cycle, when its memories are stored in its zero-point 
spinergy, along with our individual zero-point spinergy containing all our 
experiential memories merged with it...   All, to sequentially awaken again in a new 
cycle of Solar system rebirth and evolution, followed by the planets and their 
continued evolutions, to finally culminate with the further evolution of man on 
an even higher level of consciousness.

Another way of looking at it, is to ask the question; How can a single ray of 
zero-point force radiated from a single point source of infinite spinergy of 
absolute immaterial space ever stop its impelled motion in such a space that 
has zero resistance?   It's like asking, when and where does a single photon 
ejected from a stellar point source end its journey through interstellar space?  
 So, how can the ray of human consciousness being the zero-point the center 
of its monadic fields, ever cease its journey before it circles back to its 
original source in the spinergy of the Solar System or the Cosmos itself that 
originally radiated it?   Can one know how long that takes without knowing how 
long the system that radiated it lives?   And, is it possible to imagine how a 
zero-point of absolute empty space which has to be located at the center of any 
triune rotating field created by a ray of zero-point motion expelled from the 
rotating zero-point spinergy of that space, can ever change any aspect of its 
being other than angular direction and momental force of its spin?   And, 
this, apparently, would have to be a conscious act.   Even changing the direction 
of a light ray on a predetermined path would require the conscious placement 
of a mirror or refractor by an external operator.   

Thus, since the zero-point of individual self consciousness at the Monad 
field's center cannot change, it remains conscious after death, with the previous 
lifetimes of memories stored in its surrounding field remaining intact and 
accessible by the more or less eternal zero-point of awareness as long as those 
fields continue to exist.    

The reason we can't access these past life memories easily in our next life, 
I would assume using the same logic, is that the lower fields that are newly 
formed (along with the growth and development of the brain-body from conception 
to birth and up to around 3-4 years of age) that represents our sensory 
efferent and afferent systems that ultimately take over the full attention of our 
awareness and will and drown out all higher orders of memory storage.   Also, 
since those past life memories in the Monad fields are of a much finer 
vibrational patterns and lower energy -- probably because of the disparity in diameter 
and surface area of these fields as well as the differences between their 
zero-point center spinergy's -- such past life memories become overpowered by the 
gross experiential sensory images the developing body encounters...   Until, 
at some time in our lives, we begin to wake up and start meditating on the 
real questions of, "Who am I, Where did I come from, Where am I going, and How 
long will it take to get there????" :-)

Thus, the past life memory remains unheard and unseen by the individual 
consciousness -- except in the deepest and most concentrated meditative states, 
when all the outer and inner sense mechanisms are turned off.   When in the 
waking state, such a condition would be like trying to hear someone talking who is 
standing behind a radio loudspeaker between you both that is speaking at the 
same volume, but much closer to your ears.   

All in all, I think this model explains these subjectively perceived time 
disparities at different levels of awareness in waking, dream, after death, and 
meditative trance states -- along with all the other hard problems of 
consciousness -- simply, clearly and parsimoniously ... While being entirely consistent 
with proven theories of science, from relativity to QED...   And, at the same 
time, resolving all their incompatibilities, paradoxes and indeterminacy's 
noted at their interface between the zero-point and the quantum particles.   

In addition, not only explaining the possibilities of almost every reportedly 
experienced psychic phenomena as well as ASC, and NDE -- ABC gives credence 
to the mathematics of string and M theories postulating the existence of 
multidimensional hyperspace fields within, around and between all physical particles 
and metric space in this "space-time-continuum"... Implying, as I see it, 
that each altered state or level of consciousness, whether waking, dreaming or 
after death, relates to a different space-time continuum with different time 
constants in conjunction with all other functions governing the properties of 
such coadunate but not consubstantial hyperspace-time continuums.  

Therefore, it becomes obvious that the zero-points in each level of such 
existent realities are forever entangled or coterminous with each other in 
absolutely empty (of substance) primal space -- which must be infinitely divisible 
and infinitely expandable... Thereby, giving that absolute beginning infinite 
possibilities of expression and impression in accord with fundamental laws of 
cycles and periodicity based on original spin, and demystifying all eastern and 
western transcendental, metaphysical and religious philosophies and theologies 
with respect to their miracles, personal god-creators, and vicarious 
atonement's, etc., etc.   


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> Mind, Brain
> Good question John.  That's about as equivalent in difficulty of explaining 
> by conventional science as is Chalmers' question of how do we explain the 
> experience or qualia of consciousness? Or, looking at it from another point of 
> view... How do we explain the binding of mind to brain?  That question was 
> asked about ten years ago, and so far, after science has since taken it up 
> seriously as one of its most important "hard problems" to solve, no one has 
> managed to come up with a satisfactory answer based on conventional physics... 
> Since, there is no way that we can link *subjectivity* -- that has no physical 
> basis, and therefore cannot be measured or observed -- to *objectivity* that, 
> according to the scientific method, must relate everything capable of being 
> observed and experienced to physical objects or particles whose existence and 
> relative properties can be physically sensed or otherwise objectively measured 
> and compared empirically. 
> In my view, I agree with Chalmers, that there cannot be a reductive 
> scientific answer ... So long as science is locked into eliminative materialism based 
> on the fixed presumption that consciousness cannot exist as a fundamental 
> and solely subjective aspect of primal or absolute (non phenomenal) space 
> itself -- that is forever separated from the physical existence of phenomenal 
> matter... Yet, paradoxically, must be intimately and interdependently linked with 
> it like two sides of a single coin... The basic assumption being, that the 
> universe and all its functions and properties, whether subjective or 
> objective, noumenal or phenomenal, awake or asleep, is essentially one unified and 
> inseparable existent reality.   Literally, a duality within a triune unity.
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