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Re: Theos-World String Theory - Leon

Apr 09, 2006 09:37 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 4/4/06 1:37:09 AM, writes:

>      String theory — the concept that all particles can be represented as 
> strings or string-loops of incredibly minute length, oscillating at various 
> frequencies — was initially developed to help explain why quarks, the tiny 
> fundamental particles that make up protons and neutrons, are always confined 
> within larger composite particles. However, string theory has evolved to allow 
> scientists to deal with some wider issues. For example, they can use string 
> theory to devise explanations for some grand problems in cosmology, such as the 
> state of the universe — its shape, size, etc. — just after the Big Bang, 
> when quarks roamed freely.  
> Along these lines, a group of theoretical physicists has recently published 
> an interesting string-theory scenario that describes a new way to approach 
> the development of the Big Bang. They propose that the universe began as a type 
> of theoretical space-filling object called a “brane.”
Whoop de do.... They just discovered the astral field that surrounds 
everything in our space time continuum that appears as holographic wave interference 
patterns on its coenergetic field surface or (Mem)brane.   But, they're still 
walking around in Plato's dark cellar and seeing the shadows on the walls. One 
day they'll wake up and realize that the ABC theory (which is pure 
theosophical metaphysics) sees it as it actually is. </:-)=


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