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Chuck and Our Response-ability

Apr 08, 2006 09:38 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline


Not quite so, dear brother in the planet.

Responsility is, from its origin, a word which means -- "the ability to respond", response-ability.

Ir-responsible people are people who ( because they are mechanistically obedient, or for other reasons), are NOT response-able.

Only pseudo-response-ability is made of blind obedience.

The feeling of personal co-responsibility for the state of human process now is an expression of Ethics -- inner Ethics, not outward, etc.

Best regards, Carlos.

Subject: Re: Theos-World SOME ARAB WISDOM HERE
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2006 16:17:41 EDT

In a message dated 4/7/2006 2:24:20 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

Having  fun  do not exempt us from being responsible for what we  say

Responsibility is one of those words designed to control people when brute
force is not available.

Chuck the Heretic

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