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Some Questions Concerning Reincarnation & the Fate of Victims of Accidents.....

Apr 08, 2006 09:31 AM
by danielhcaldwell

The psychiatrist and parapsychologist Dr. Ian Stevenson is well 
known for his investigation and research of children who apparently 
remember previous lives.  He has in his files more than 2,600 cases 
from around the world. Dr. Stevenson has written a number of books 
dealing with his findings in this area. 
In his book "Children Who Remember Previous Lives," Dr. Stevenson 
writes concerning these children who claim to
remember previous lives:

"One of the most interesting, and potentially most important, of the 
recurrent features of the [reincarnation cases] is the high 
incidence of violent death among the previous personalities of the 
cases.  We found that among 725 cases from six different cultures, 
61 percent of the subjects remembered previous lives that ended in 
violent death." (First edition, p. 160) Italics added.

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