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Re: [oneworldmanyopinions] The Secrets of the Universe {???} Attention LEON

Apr 06, 2006 07:20 PM
by leonmaurer

Thanks for the referencess.=20=20=20

Yes, string-brane theory is getting close (since they have ten dimensions=20
like the Sephirothal Tree of Life and like ABC and Theosophy have 8 - 10 - =
etc. :-)...   But they say a "Brane" and we say a "Spin" and they take the =
road and we take the low road, and we'll get to Scotland a fore them... ;-)=

So, they ain't there yet.   And, none of their theories explains spirit or=
consciousness, mind, memory, etc. -- like theos/metaphyisics or ABC does --=
easily and succinctly.   What do they say about the best theory being the=20
simplest one?    Their problem is they get tangled up in their mathematics =
thinking that the symbols are the things in themselves.   But, then, that's=
 the way=20
science works.

BTW, If you're interested in getting a handle on string theory easy enough=
for us dumb clucks to understand, go to: The Official String Theory Web Sit=
All you'll find out, though, is they haven't got the faintest idea about ho=
consciousness (the most important part of everything that's worth thinking=
about) fits in with matter (that has no ideas of its own and, without=20
consciousness, just sits there like a bump on a log, or a "string" without =
a plucker). <

Can you imagine such a string vibrating that isn't connected to an immovabl=
point at both ends? String theorists do. So, who are they kidding?   But th=
those guys would lose their jobs if they didn't keep coming up with new=20
mathematical theories of physics so complicated, and piled on top of previo=
complications, that no one can figure out how wrong they are.   Oh, well, E=
intuited his E=3Dmc^2 (or copped it from the SD:-) long before he earned hi=
physics degree.=20=20=20

Best wishes,


In a message dated 4/4/06 2:20:43 AM, writes:

> Not sure if it is important enough to send after your last email to me.=
> However, I have attached it as it seems to be complimentary to ABC theory=
. It=20
> came from the web site.=A0 What I was thinking ab=
out in=20
> prior mailing that we are oscillating strings of DNA matter plus energy (=
> spaces in between) but I guess I had better leave science to the scientis=
> Cheers
> Cass
> String theory, the concept that all particles can be represented as strin=
> or string-loops of incredibly minute length, oscillating at various=20
> frequencies, was initially developed to help explain why quarks, the tiny=
> particles that make up protons and neutrons, are always confined within=20
> larger composite particles. However, string theory has evolved to allow=20
> scientists to deal with some wider issues. For example, they can use stri=
ng theory to=20
> devise explanations for some grand problems in cosmology, such as the sta=
> of the universe, its shape, size, etc., just after the Big Bang, when qua=
> roamed freely.

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