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Re: Theos-World New Fossil

Apr 06, 2006 07:07 PM
by Cass Silva


Chris Cobb <> wrote: I'm new to this group. Enjoying th=
e dialogue.
  Mr. the Heretic - This is interesting to me. I'm not sure how this discov=
ery is a point against the "Masters". Does anyone doubt the natural evoluti=
on built into the laws? There seems to me to be plenty of room for evolutio=
n to run it's course, improving vessels, and plenty of room for us to take =
those natural improvements and formulate the best possible vessel for our p=
urpose. No?

"Charles W. Cosimano"  wrote:
  No, it isn't one of the people on this list. It seems that some=20
researchers from the University of Chicago have dug up a 375 million=20
year old fish that was in the process of becoming a land creature,=20
complete with the beginnings of legs.

So the score now is:

Natural Science 10,874,644

Blavatsky and the Masters 0

Maybe it's time for a new game to start.

(and yes, I'm having some fun here)

Chuck the Heretic

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