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Re: [Mind and Brain] Re: MindBrain Conversations on Channeling

Apr 05, 2006 01:07 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 3/27/06 5:04:20 PM, writes:

> However, here is a theory of consciousness based on biophysics from a paper 
> that the author asked me to review. The basis of the theory is that the O2 
> molecule in organisms is paramagnetic and capable of entanglement for which he 
> has conducted experiments that verify the entanglement. Although I think 
> some of the conclusions of his paper are too far-reaching, it is definitely a 
> step in the right direction using science rather than philosophy to understand 
> consciousness. The arXiv copy of the paper is most complete and was updated 
> March 20th of this year.

>  "I'll be giving an oral presentation on our results at the upcoming
> "Toward a Science of Consciousness 2006" in Tuscon Arizona on April 7,
> 2006 and the paper has just appeared in a special issue of
> NeuroQuantology at It is also archived in
> Professor Steve Harnad's Cogprints at and
> is contained in the updated version of our spin-mediated consciousness
> theory at ; You can find all my
> recent related writings at my website";
In the above abstract they (Hu and Wu) say...

"We postulate that consciousness is intrinsically connected to quantum spin 
since the latter is the origin of quantum effects in both Bohm and Hestenes 
quantum formulism and a fundamental quantum process associated with the structure 
of space-time. The unity of mind is achieved by entanglement of the said spins

So, this, coupled with Einstein's relativity and quantum theories, seems to 
imply that the ABC theory may be correct -- since it similarly postulates 
(although not identically                                           or for the same 
reasons) that consciousness (i.e., awareness, will, etc.) is the inherent 
function of the zero-point origin of "spin" -- which is fundamentally derived 
from the infinite momentum (spinergy) of absolute pre cosmic space (at the 
singularity) rotating (spinning) around itself at infinite velocities on an infinite 
number of axes... 

But which in our space-time continuum is limited to only three perpendicular 
axes that are analogous to the three axes of an octahedron diamond shape 
inscribed in the sphere of initial inflated energy field radiated linearly from 
that central zero-point of cosmic origin.   Six such octahedrons stacked into a 
larger octahedron, then, would represent the first possible composite or 
enfolded six inner coadunate spherical fields derived from positive and negative 
energy rays propelled in opposite directions from a single zero-point of spinergy 
at the poles of its three potential axes.   See diagrams at:

>From there on, all it takes to see the logic of it all, is to use our 

Incidentally, the existence of such infinite axes of spin in the primal 
zero-point of pre cosmic absolute space could possibly account for the multiverse 
or parallel universes indicated by the advanced mathematics of some string, M, 
supersymmetry and quantum gravity theories.   Of course, such infinite 
possibilities could also account for the near infinite diversity of forms in our 
universe down to the infinitesimal fundamental particles themselves... As well as 
accounting for the endless possibilities -- over such infinitely divisible 
time and multidimensional space -- of forms and experiences beyond our wildest 

Could Einstein have been right when he said, "Imagination is more important 
than knowledge." ;-)   Could he have intuitively grasped the possibility that 
the imagination of the omnipresent universal consciousness (initially located 
at the primal zero-point) -- based on the infinite possibilities of its 
evolution in omniscient conformance with its fundamental laws rooted in cyclic spin 
motion coupled with its infinite momentum -- might be the motivational imagery 
that, energized with its omnipotent willful intent, determines the forms and 
functions of all living beings in the universe?   Was that the dream that 
enabled Einstein to intuit E=mc^2 (as Feynman noted could not have been inspired, 
at the time he conceived it [he was around 19] by any previous work in 
classical physics) and drive him to study physics and subsequently invent and work out 
all the necessary mathematics to prove it?

For our Cosmos, when such an initial field of near infinitely subtle 
tenuousness or insubstantiality (which must be triune in structure due to the 
centrifugal and centripetal spiral motion of its initial ray of primal force) further 
involves fractally, it steps down in increasingly more substantial inner 
fields like bubbles within bubbles, etc., to eventually reach, after the fourth 
iteration, the energy phase order level of our metric space-time continuum.   
(Refer to the 2-D cross sectional field diagrams, to see how this 3-D progression 

This is when our metric universe appears at the Big Bang and continues its 
inflation and further fractal involution's until the highest density fields of 
fundamental particles appear closest to the ubiquitous metric zero-points 
inside Planck space -- which contains, between each material point particle and the 
immaterial zero-point of absolute space, an infinitesimally tiny part of the 
vast extension of coadunate but not consubstantial hyperspace fields of 
consciousness that surrounds, pervades, and encompasses all inner and outer 
spherical dimensions of the overall space-time continuum.   

Thus implying, that everything in the universe is conscious to varying 
degrees of phenomenal awareness, willful intent and qualia of subjective experience, 
depending upon the complexity of the afferent-efferent or neural systems of 
organic or sentient forms of life, each part of which, composed of analogous 
coenergetic fields of energy has its own zero-point center of consciousness of 
one degree of experience or another. 

>From a biological and physiological point of view, this fundamental basis of 
life is as simple as it could get.   All it takes, then, is for science to 
work out the details of how the DNA encodes and transmits the information and 
blueprints that, along with the electro-chemical-quantum mechanics, makes it all 
work as conscious living gestalt systems of various degrees of physical 
complexity and subjective experience.   Further, this makes both the "hard problems" 
of scientifically explaining the experience of consciousness and brain-mind 
binding, moot questions.

Thus, the consciousness in a stone is latent, and in living forms progresses 
through the vegetable and animal kingdoms, from the simplest cellular, into 
more and more subjectively and objectively active conditions, until it reaches 
the fully impressed and expressed self consciousness of humankind ... With 
their awakened rational minds subject to their conscious control through their 
complex brain's neural system that links their inner world of conscious awareness 
with their outer world of physical experience.   

So, after that primal stage of inflation, cosmic evolution continues to be 
self guided by the initial hierarchies of cosmic consciousness that KNOWS 
intuitively all the built in laws of physics that govern such evolution along with 
the memories and images of its previous structure...   Until -- at the Cosmos' 
furthest extension in time, after galaxies, stars, and solar systems, with 
their planets and moons, complete their own evolution's, we evolve similarly on 
Earth... An apparently unique planet in a similarly unique solar system which 
appears to be perfectly designed for us... With all of that based on 
fundamental laws originating in cycles -- which, except, possibly, for occasional 
interference's by powerful wills closest to the primal zero-point, seem to follow 
perfectly logical causes and effects explainable by science and mathematics.    

However, in this entirely geometric and progressively coenergetic sense, my 
ABC theory has its total mathematical and scientific basis.   As such, it can 
make predictions such as those more or less proven by the Hu and Wu biophysics 
experiments -- as well as give the groundwork for explaining all forms of 
psychic phenomena along with altered states of consciousness, memory, thought, 
awareness, will, karma, reincarnation, and all other mysteries of life and death 
... Since, zero-point consciousness cannot change per se, and once radiated 
along a particular line of individual experience, it remains forever attached to 
its surrounding triune monadic and coenergetic fields of consciousness (i.e., 
mind, memory, etc.) containing in their magnetic wave interference patterns, 
ever increasing amounts of experiential information accumulated over the vast 
period of total universal time in this cycle of its awakened existence.   In 
this light, the death of the body would have no effect on the memory patterns 
stored in the higher order coenergetic fields of consciousness surrounding each 
individual zero-point of self awareness -- which would be forced to 
reincarnate, so long as its accumulated karma or disharmonious resonance's with other 
individual's memories, are not resolved and harmonized.

Therefore, we can assume, in accord with this holistic theory of universal 
coenergetic fields, that the positive and negative effects which these active 
mind-memory fields have in their impingement and interference with adjacent 
fields of other individual conscious beings, must remain forever in the memory of 
the cosmos, and govern both the karma of the individuals as well as, in their 
accumulated totality, that of the universe itself.

Thank you for calling these experiments -- as well as the work of the Russian 
physicist and engineer, Dr. Boris Iskakov (in a previous post) who has a 
similar view of universal order (although more closely aligned with quantum 
mechanics) -- to my attention.

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

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> Since science, particularly physics, is based on math and abstractions, it 
> appears that you hold no hope for science in the following statement:
>  However, as it now appears, I don't think any mathematical or symbolic view 
> could ever give us a true picture of how the universe actually works  
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> Dear Alfredo (and interested others),
> With reference to my recent letters on this thread...  Here are some further 
> thoughts on the proposed nature of triune, coenergetic fields of 
> consciousness existing on different phase orders of absolute space, like bubbles within 
> bubbles, within bubbles, etc. (See diagrams at:
> If all such spherical fields, of an essentially electromagnetic nature, must 
> originate from a particular zero-point location at their centers, and if 
> their surfaces are woven from infinite parallel lines of continuous force in a 
> Mobius-like spiral configuration (due to the x-x, z-z, and y-y axial spin of 
> those origination points) -- as I propose in my ABC model...  It appears 
> obvious that, not only can their surfaces carry all the holographic information 
> (as wave interference patterns) that constitute the images in our mind and 
> memory -- which can be willfully accessed and modified sensorially or 
> imaginatively, as well as in dream states...  But also, that the primal or absolute 
> space in which such magnetic fields propagate must be infinitely divisible.  A 
> far out concept, I know, but one that can't be avoided in face of the inherent 
> logic behind the ABC unified field theory of everything, including 
> consciousness -- that is entirely consistent with both relativity and quantum theories 
> as they are synthesized by string theory along with its hyperspace fields, 
> and also with the esoteric or secret doctrine of Eastern metaphysics.
> Further, if such infinite divisibility is the case, then all zero-points are 
> essentially in the same place (if we can even imagine such abstract space 
> and its abstract motion as having any sort of specified location :-).  However, 
> if I see it correctly, and if one day it might be proven -- while such an 
> infinite absolute space that appears to exist everywhere and be infinitely 
> intelligent is also beyond the comprehension of our finite minds -- we may have 
> to modify our current views (whether atheistic, theistic or otherwise) and 
> accept the notion that the cosmos is its own "God," and essentially creates 
> itself ... Acting in accordance with its omniscient intelligence, omnipresent 
> consciousness, and omnipotent primal force (or "spinergy") by entirely natural 
> means, and governed entirely by its fundamental laws of cycles and periodicity 
> ... With the first 7 conscious beings at the primal beginning after 
> "inflation" and "fractal involution" (see chakrafield diagram) subcontracting as the 
> actual and equally intelligently informed cosmic architects, constructors or 
> builders.
> Could the Occultists, Masons and Kabbalists be right, after all?  :-)
> So, from a scientific point of view, if all that is true, why couldn't such 
> propinquity or coadunation of the ubiquitous zero-point be the fundamental 
> basis of "action at a distance" or quantum "entanglement" proven to exist by 
> recent experiments of quantum physics? 
> Wouldn't such a field centered position of the zero-point also explain the 
> non locality of consciousness, as well as the holistic perception that appears 
> to originate from a single zero-point in the center of our head (capable of 
> radiating a holographic reconstructive laser-like coherent ray of EM 
> analogous "astromagnetic" energy) that enables us to see and holographically 
> experience the world around us, in our mind's eye, and through our other senses, as 
> if it were really out there (so called "naive realism") exactly as we perceive 
> it?  I assume we all know that the images we actually experience consciously 
> are entirely within our own minds.  (Although, according to this field 
> theory and ABC model, they don't necessarily have to be inside our heads. :-)
> In addition, wouldn't such a means of perception justify the idea of an 
> internal homunculus representing our global consciousness?   And, couldn't it 
> fully account for qualia or experience of consciousness, self consciousness, 
> brain-mind binding, memory, and all other subjective experiential aspects of our 
> existence? ... While, at the same time (since functioning outside of all 
> metric space and time) being beyond the scope of any reductively objective or 
> epiphenomenal explanation based on scientific or eliminative materialism?  Why 
> not?
> Could the brain, then, be simply a complex transponder/controller between 
> the senses and the consciousness -- whose processed and assembled, 
> holographically interference patterned EM field is the inductive resonant link between 
> the higher order hyperspace fields of consciousness and the zero-points of 
> awareness and will at their zero-point field centers and polar junctions? ... 
> All, together, entangled with our individual point of global self consciousness 
> -- most likely located at the solar plexus behind the navel.
> (See:
> I wonder if there is anyone currently working on consciousness study, from 
> either a quantum mind, neurological, or other materialistic or 
> epiphenomenalistic point of view, who can come up with a better explanation -- that is more 
> parsimonious and also unequivocally refutes this model?   If so, I would be 
> most interested in hearing such an explanation, and, if logically valid and 
> scientifically and metaphysically consistent, gladly modify my own carefully 
> reverse engineered view of fundamental macrocosmic and microcosmic reality.
> However, as it now appears, I don't think any mathematical or symbolic view 
> could ever give us a true picture of how the universe actually works -- so 
> that, as Einstein said, using his verbal only descriptions of relativity, "A 12 
> year old child could understand it."
> Best wishes,
> Leon Maurer
> In a message dated 3/26/06 5:14:18 PM, writes:
> Dear Alfredo,
> Neither do I, entirely... However, I don't see how our individual self 
> consciousness can be anything else than the inherent function of the zero-point at 
> the center of each of our triune monadic fields -- that in cross section is 
> like a figure eight inscribed in a circle, or spherically, as twin bubbles 
> within a surrounding bubble, rather than "concentric spheres"... Since, there 
> is no way that a single spherical field woven out of parallel lines of force 
> can exist, unless those lines originate or radiate from its central zero-point 
> spinergy, and in so doing, weave two inner fields in a Mobius-like path 
> where the outside is the inside and the inside is the outside, as shown 
> symbolically in my fractally involved "chakrafield" diagrams. 
> This doesn't imply that such a zero-point center of consciousness (that is 
> everywhere in a universe whose circumference is nowhere) is God... But, since 
> the universal field must also originate from its own zero-point singularity 
> -- we could say that each such point of consciousness in our expanded universe 
> is a ray of that central point of universal origin -- analogous to the 
> infinite lines of individual photon rays that radiate outward in all directions of 
> spherical space from a single carbon arc point source of light, or directly 
> from the Sun... (Although, individually, in their point-like structure, more 
> like the infinite lines of magnetic force that surround the Earth and enter 
> and exit at the poles.)  Incidentally, from that, can we imagine the actual 
> field shape of an individual photon ray that can be polarized by passing though 
> a slit?  If so, it would seem obvious that the universe can be 
> understandable solely through analogy and correspondence, as the occultists claim.
> Thus, in effect, that original universal consciousness splits into infinite 
> points of individual consciousness whose degree of expression depends on the 
> evolutionary complexity of the neural systems of its individual replicas, so 
> to speak.  I think that this is the esoteric truth that underlies the 
> theological (but not theosophical) Holy Trinity of Catholicism, the triple crown of 
> Kether, Binah and Chochma of the Hebrew Sephirothal tree, the Hindu trinity 
> of Brahma Vishnu and Shiva, etc., etc., -- although they have no idea of the 
> scientific-metaphysical basis behind their symbolism -- which became much 
> distorted due to the anthropomorphizing of their Godhead as a separate personal 
> creator with mystical supernatural powers standing outside of his created 
> universe. 
> All this, apparently, being the result of ignorant and suffering human 
> nature needing the hope of a savior, and the crafty priests that exploited their 
> gullible followers by twisting the original metaphysical knowledge of 
> universal origin for their own selfish benefit -- or altruistically, because the 
> ignorant mob would never understand the real truth anyway, and they needed a 
> common belief in a vengeful personal God that would constrain them from actions 
> harmful to the community and themselves.  Apparently only the Buddhists, got 
> the real story without having to believe in a personal God, and were pacified 
> by a thorough understanding of the universal truths of karma and 
> reincarnation -- so that each individual became his own judge, punisher or rewarder for 
> bad or good thoughts and actions... With the Buddhist Nirvana being the 
> ultimate reward and escape from the inevitable suffering of incarnate life.
> So, As I see it in my more or less pantheistic view, "God" IS the Universe, 
> and its consciousness (without its inherent wisdom and knowledge encoded in 
> its original spinergy to make it Omniscient) pervades every particle and form 
> surrounding the myriad's of zero-points spread everywhere throughout the 
> Cosmos. In that sense, we all can say, as God supposedly said to Moses (when he 
> became wise enough to hear and recognize the inner voice of his spiritual 
> nature), "I am That, I am." 
> Obviously, our human evolution, then, is to give us the opportunity to gain 
> enough experience and knowledge to bring us all back to the original state of 
> the universal consciousness.  Unfortunately, some of us can easily get lost 
> along the way, by forgetting and never relearning who we really are and how 
> we came to be.  In the meantime its nice (at least for me, from a Cosmic 
> engineers POV ) to know the way the universe really works.  (Besides, I enjoy 
> arguing with scientific materialists. :-)
> With that, I hope you can still substantially agree with me. </:-]>
> Best  regards,
> Leon Maurer

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