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Re: Theos-World Ethics is of the Essence

Apr 05, 2006 01:06 PM
by Mark S. Hamilton Jr.

For the unlucky soul who has his head stuck in the absolute, life is either cyclical or linear (giving the possibility that reincarnation either exists or not, but that's a negligeable fact anyway; it doesn't matter in the end). There's essentially no point of what we do during this life, because either we're just coming right back here, or we're going to not exist anymore. Even in the case of karma, who cares? Rack up any kind of karma that you want, because in the end it doesn't matter.

But for someone who's seeking the relative truth; one who's a bit more optimistic in my opinion, life has much more meaning. Things and actions have value, because they affect other people. And if this is the nature of our existence, then why not make the best of it?

People are generally a combination of both of those. The ideal combination would probably be around 50/50, since neither group by themselves would find happiness. The former extreme would find everything pointless and depressing, and the latter extreme would be too caught up in making everyone else happy, and wouldn't be able to let go of anything.

-Mark H.

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HPB wrote without Ethics Theosophy cannot be understood. The Adepts wrote
the same.

And remember that they were writing in the late 19th Century. If they had
told the truth, that the Universe is value-free and it really does not matter
what anyone does in the end, their readers would have freaked a great freak
and shreeked a great shreek. They would covered their head with their
waistcoats and coughed into their oversized handkerchiefs and simply refused to
believe it.
Ethics are nice tools for getting people to do things other people want them
to do without having to point a gun at their heads but as far as
enlightenment is concerned they are not worth their weight in cold manure.
Chuck the Heretic

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