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Re: Theos-World Ethics is of the Essence

Apr 05, 2006 07:59 AM
by Drpsionic

HPB  wrote without Ethics Theosophy cannot be understood. The Adepts wrote 
the  same.

And remember that they were writing in the late 19th Century.  If they  had 
told the truth, that the Universe is value-free and it really does not  matter 
what anyone does in the end, their readers would have freaked a great  freak 
and shreeked a great shreek.  They would covered their head with  their 
waistcoats and coughed into their oversized handkerchiefs and simply  refused to 
believe it.
Ethics are nice tools for getting people to do things other people want  them 
to do without having to point a gun at their heads but as far as  
enlightenment is concerned they are not worth their weight in cold manure.
Chuck the Heretic

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