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String Theory - Leon

Apr 03, 2006 10:32 PM
by Cass Silva

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    The problem with the Big Crunch/Big Bang model is that the mathematical=
 laws of classical general relativity do not work at a singularity. And if =
scientists cannot mathematically understand the singularity, they cannot, i=
n theory, fully understand the geometry of spacetime, either before the Big=
 Crunch or after the Big Bang.=20
=93Our brane model allows us to mathematically address what might have happ=
ened at the Big Bang, and also gives a novel interpretation of time in stri=
ng theory,=94 said Leigh.=20
He and his group propose that time began when, via a Big Bang-like event, t=
he brane decayed into closed strings (loops) that propagated off to create =
the ordinary matter that makes up the universe. This scenario, while avoidi=
ng the mathematical problems of a singularity, also helps explain some othe=
r issues. For example, to us, the universe looks the same in every directio=
n. Within this brane model, the homogeneity of the universe could be explai=
ned as the result of an early universe with homogenous initial conditions, =
such as a brane that evenly filled space. Leigh and his colleagues may furt=
her explore this in additional studies.=20
Citation: =93Brane Decay and an Initial Spacelike Singularity,=94 Phys. Rev=
. Lett. 96, 031301 (2006)=20
By Laura Mgrdichian, Copyright 2006

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