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Re: Theos-World HPB, Socrates and Julian

Apr 03, 2006 06:52 PM
by Cass Silva

"One of a serial succession of Teachers, she came in the rhythmical order o=
f the laws which control our planet.....She was the messenger for her age, =
that is, for the age to come, - the one who was to sound a new keynote, whi=
ch yet, mystically speaking, is as old as the ages.......Every Teacher who =
comes to teach man comprises not only his or her body and an unusually rece=
ived psychological apparatus, but is likewise at times infilled with the ho=
ly fire of a greater Soul, and therefore is de facto an Avatara of a kind."

Yes, I believe Socrates talked to much but HPB was the Voice of the Masters=
, and was initiated into the key mysteries in order that she be able to wri=
te about them and pass them on to orphan humanity.


carlosaveline cardoso aveline <> wrote:=20





Dear Friends,

HPB was "abandoned" by theosophists in India in 1884, during the persecutio=
against her. This is a fact. Yet this did not happened  just because Olcott=
failed or had not loyalty enough. It is more complicated than that.

Authentic chelas are allowed to think for themselves and to disagree from=20
their sacred Gurus. It is only Leadbeater and Besant who deny that and=20
suggest the opposite.

In 1884-85, some of the Indian chelas, including influential ones as Mr.=20
Subba Row, bitterly accused HPB of "talking too much" about the teachings=20
and about the Masters, and thus attracting attacks against the movement and=
the Masters.  They were wrong. They "forgot" what was acting under orders=20
and working for humanity as a whole, with a long-term perspective.

But the question of "giving too much" to the public about sacred and secret=
teachigs is a difficult issue for those to try to serve mankind --  even if=
they reveal the teachings under legitimate orders, as HPB most certainly=20

The difficulties are  connected with the Mystery of Initiation of these ver=
souls.   (No excuse here  to those who abandoned HPB in 1884-85 -- only a=20
broader view of the context.)

Therefore,  H. P. Blavatsky  had her reasons to write about the karma of=20
teaching "too much" in the case of both Socrates and Julian the "Apostate".

And she did:

=EF=BF=BDJulian died for the same crime as Socrates. Both  divulged a porti=
on of=20=20
the solar mystery, the heliocentric system being only a part of what was=20
given during Initiation =EF=BF=BD one consciously (1) , the other unconscio=
usly, the=20
Greek Sage never  having been initiated. It was not the real solar system=20
that was preserved in  such secrecy, but the mysteries connected with the=20
Sun=EF=BF=BDs constitution. Socrates was sentenced to death  by earthly and=
judges; Julian died a violent death because the hitherto protecting hand wa=
withdrawn from him, and, no longer shielded by it, he was simply left to hi=
destiny or Karma.  For the student of Occultism there is a suggestive=20=20
difference between the two kinds of death.=EF=BF=BD (2)

[And H.P.B. goes on to say that  poets often unknowingly capture parts of=20
secrets of initiation, and  include these secrets in their verses.]

HPB was not killed physically, for teaching what she taught -- but she was=
killed morally,  and her physical life got shorter for the persecution=20
against her.

In the several references HPB makes to  Socrates, it is clear that he had=20
much in common with her and her work.

Best regards,   Carlos.



(1) Emperor Julian, called =EF=BF=BDJulian the Apostate=EF=BF=BD by  the Ch=
ristians,  was an=20
Initiate in the Mithraic Mysteries, the Mysteries of Mithras.

(2) =EF=BF=BDCollected Writings of H. P. Blavatsky=EF=BF=BD, TPH, Wheaton, =
USA, volume XIV,=20
1985, 733 pp., see pp. 222-223, footnote.

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