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Re: Theos-World Re: DNA and other considerations

Apr 03, 2006 01:45 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 3/26/06 7:10:25 PM, writes:

> If each pore of our body contains our DNA and we are on a spinning globe, is 
> it feasible to imagine that looked upon from above, we would appear as 
> spinning centrifugal and centripetal helixes?

For one thing, pores do not contain DNA. Cells do.   As for them being looked 
at from above... Above what?   And, which direction is above with respect to 
each cell in our bodies?   

The question, being based on uncertain and/or foolish premises, deserves no 

And, the only reason I'm writing this, is to point out to some of the 
chattering magpies here who write and read these letters, how such nonsense, which is 
endemic on this forum, is cluttering up our mailboxes and preventing us from 
discussing meaningful aspects of theosophical metaphysics and its useful 
applications in justifying and promoting moral and ethical practices in ourselves 
and others for the guidance and benefit of all human beings, and their 
continued evolution toward greater and greater understanding of the true nature of 
reality, along with their responsibility for and their place in it.

Hopefully, this might stop the flood of garbage mail in this unmoderated 

For those it concerns... Thank you for listening, and your responsive 
silence, or your   further enlightening questions and/or answers (and pertinent humor 
when neccessary). </:-)=


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