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Re: Theos-World HPB, Socrates and Julian

Apr 03, 2006 08:23 AM
by Drpsionic

=E2=80=9CJulian  died for the same crime as Socrates. Both  divulged a port=
ion of=20=20=20
the solar mystery, the heliocentric system being only a part of what was =
given during Initiation =E2=80=93 one consciously (1) , the other unconscio=
usly,  the=20
Greek Sage never  having been initiated. It was not the real  solar system=
that was preserved in  such secrecy, but the mysteries  connected with the=
Sun=E2=80=99s constitution. Socrates was sentenced to  death  by earthly an=
d worldly=20
judges; Julian died a violent death  because the hitherto protecting hand w=
withdrawn from him, and, no  longer shielded by it, he was simply left to h=
destiny or Karma.   For the student of Occultism there is a suggestive=20=20
difference  between the two kinds of death.=E2=80=9D (2)

What a load of hooey!
HPB must have been laughing her head off when she made that one up.
Julian died because of stupidity.  He went into battle and forgot,  quite=20
literally, to put his armor on.  Socrates died because his students  manage=
d to=20
help Athens lose the Pellopensian War (and I sure that I screwed up  the=20
spelling there) and the Athenians were rather annoyed at him for it.   What=
 any of=20
that has to do with some ridiculous secret involving a big, buring  gas bal=
l is=20
beyond the stretch of the imagination of anyone other than a big,  Victoria=
gas bag.  And there were lots of them running around in those  days.  They=
were her market.
Chuck the Heretic

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