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HPB, Socrates and Julian

Apr 03, 2006 07:42 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline





Dear Friends,

HPB was "abandoned" by theosophists in India in 1884, during the persecution against her. This is a fact. Yet this did not happened just because Olcott failed or had not loyalty enough. It is more complicated than that.

Authentic chelas are allowed to think for themselves and to disagree from their sacred Gurus. It is only Leadbeater and Besant who deny that and suggest the opposite.

In 1884-85, some of the Indian chelas, including influential ones as Mr. Subba Row, bitterly accused HPB of "talking too much" about the teachings and about the Masters, and thus attracting attacks against the movement and the Masters. They were wrong. They "forgot" what was acting under orders and working for humanity as a whole, with a long-term perspective.

But the question of "giving too much" to the public about sacred and secret teachigs is a difficult issue for those to try to serve mankind -- even if they reveal the teachings under legitimate orders, as HPB most certainly did.

The difficulties are connected with the Mystery of Initiation of these very souls. (No excuse here to those who abandoned HPB in 1884-85 -- only a broader view of the context.)

Therefore, H. P. Blavatsky had her reasons to write about the karma of teaching "too much" in the case of both Socrates and Julian the "Apostate".

And she did:

“Julian died for the same crime as Socrates. Both divulged a portion of the solar mystery, the heliocentric system being only a part of what was given during Initiation – one consciously (1) , the other unconsciously, the Greek Sage never having been initiated. It was not the real solar system that was preserved in such secrecy, but the mysteries connected with the Sun’s constitution. Socrates was sentenced to death by earthly and worldly judges; Julian died a violent death because the hitherto protecting hand was withdrawn from him, and, no longer shielded by it, he was simply left to his destiny or Karma. For the student of Occultism there is a suggestive difference between the two kinds of death.” (2)

[And H.P.B. goes on to say that poets often unknowingly capture parts of secrets of initiation, and include these secrets in their verses.]

HPB was not killed physically, for teaching what she taught -- but she was killed morally, and her physical life got shorter for the persecution against her.

In the several references HPB makes to Socrates, it is clear that he had much in common with her and her work.

Best regards, Carlos.



(1) Emperor Julian, called “Julian the Apostate” by the Christians, was an Initiate in the Mithraic Mysteries, the Mysteries of Mithras.

(2) “Collected Writings of H. P. Blavatsky”, TPH, Wheaton, USA, volume XIV, 1985, 733 pp., see pp. 222-223, footnote.

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