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Re: [Mind and Brain] Re: MindBrain Coversations on Channeling

Apr 01, 2006 09:06 PM
by leonmaurer

It seems we are pretty much in general agreement as to the primal source of=
consciousness.   Unfortunately, I don't think science, as it is now ruled, =
ready to accept such a dualistic concept that can't be proven empirically. =

As for my ABC theory and resultant model respecting the inflation and fract=
involution of fields of multidimensional (coadunate but not consubstantial)=
matter out of the circling spinergy (G-force of angular momentum) or=20
"singularity" surrounding the absolute (empty) zero-point of cosmic conscio=
usness prior=20
to the "big bang" ... It comes from my (with the help of a physicist teache=
and collaborator) reverse engineering the Cosmos as it appears to our sense=
and as it actually exists metrically in accord with the theories of relativ=
and quantum mechanics (merged by string theory) ...   And, by so doing,=20
attempting to find a logical source and probable cause of the total mass-en=
ergy forms=20
of matter it now contains -- without violating the fundamental laws of=20
conservation, symmetry, entropy, relativity, thermodynamics, electrodynamic=
evolution, etc., etc.=20=20=20

The resulting field inflations, apparently also explain the source of "dark=
matter" and "dark energy" that, while postulated to exist by current=20
cosmological physics theories, is still baffling scientists in understandin=
g what they=20
are and where they came from.

Consequently, because of its simplicity as well as inherent logic, I think=
that this theory and model -- while still unfalsifiable by scientific metho=
and therefore, more or less philosophical -- is not only parsimonious and=20
elegant, but also entirely consistent with most scientific theories of phys=
ics now=20
accepted as being valid -- including those mathematical theories of relativ=
and quantum gravity that also lead to metaphysical conclusions -- and=20
therefore, are also unfalsifiable scientifically...   Although, not necessa=
mathematically (should science accept their so called "unreal" or "imaginar=
solutions. :-)

Using mind experiments based on this "inflated" ABC model, and considering=
the ubiquitous zero-point centers of consciousness located everywhere -- I =
it easy to explain, not only the hard problems of conscious experience and=
brain-mind binding, but all the psychic phenomena, altered states of=20
consciousness, near death experiences and other paradoxical subjective and =
psychic aspects=20
of our existence that reductive, material based physical science cannot=20

As for "vibration" with reference to information holographically stored as=
wave interference patterns on the surfaces of the coenergetic fields and=20
transferable from field to field by analogous electromagnetic inductive/res=
processes... This theory concludes that such vibration is governed by the l=
aws of=20
cycles and periodicity inherent in the original zero-point circular spinerg=
and that all the experience and knowledge of a previous cosmic phenomenal=20
existence remains forever stored in the interference patterns of such spine=
All Eastern metaphysical sciences refer to such a field as the Akasha or=20
universal memory -- that, being infinite, contains all possibilities of pas=
present and future cosmic awakenings.   Thus, concluding that there is noth=
ing that=20
can occur in the Cosmos that wasn't, isn't, or will be experienced by it an=
one or another of its conscious beings, one or more times throughout eterni=
  (Thus be dragons, doppelgangers, and other so called "figments of our=20

To picture this basic formation of the inflated coenergetic fields that=20
expand out of that primal spinergy, imagine a continuous line of a single s=
point of absolute space spiraling around itself in opposite circular=20
directions at infinite velocity on an infinite number of spherical axes....=
 Thus, upon=20
initial radiation and inflation, accounting for the polarity of all analogo=
electromagnetic fields and their quantum particles on all hyperspace=20
dimensions of differing frequency-mass-energy phase orders.=20=20=20

To visualize further... When such a spinning zero-point line is radiated=20
outward centrifugally to form a triune series of fields like a circle surro=
a figure 8, its initial spin motion in all axial counter directions causes =
to weave a fractal series of descending spherical fields, like bubbles with=
bubbles within bubbles, etc. -- Each like a continuous ball of double spun=
yarn, but with all its spiraling and spinning lines of force weaving in an =
each other in opposite directions on its surface -- with their ends joining=
and forming inner and outer fields liked together at their dual poles (thei=
entering and exiting points of energy flow) -- much like the magnetic field=
which surrounds and enters and exits the poles of the Earth and must cross =
each other at their center in a Mobius like path and join with the outer=20
ionized solar fields at the poles.=20

In addition, we can imagine that the twin positive and negative forces=20
represented by the opposing lines of force that make up the surfaces of the=
coenergetic fields, are the basis of the opposite and balanced forces of gr=
avity --=20
that acts both attractively and repulsively on all hyperspace field levels =
proportion to their relative degrees of energetics based on their frequency=
phase order, as well as in relation to the expansion of the universe and it=
localized contractions into its ubiqitous black holes.

To picture some of this, see diagrams at:=20

Also, imagine that the single lines or rays of opposing force that composes=
the surface of the initial field and all inner fields that involve from it,=
spiral around each other and form a ladder of adjacent vibrational patterns=
between each ray that encode the entire structure of the holographic univer=
se --=20
analogous to the spiral ladder of the DNA molecules that incorporate the 4 =
genetic code combinations that determine the protein structures of all=20
organic forms of life.=20=20=20

Going a bit deeper, we might be able to see that the lowest hyperspace fiel=
adjacent to the magnetic field of the DNA may contain the holographic image=
the body structure that acts as a magnetic attraction that determines where=
each different protein forms itself.   Thus, the fingernails end up at the =
of the fingers and the nose cartilage in the middle of our face . . . etc.,=
etc., for every other specifically placed, yet differently structured or fo=
protein in the body.

I hope this gives you both a better understanding of the ABC theory as it=20
relates to the origin of both consciousness and matter and their interdepen=
and correlation... And, I appreciate your continued interest in this topic =
hope we can continue discussing it so as to arrive at a deeper understandin=
of fundamental multidimensional reality and its relationship to the study o=
consciousness, mind and brain.=20=20=20

Best wishes,


In a message dated 3/28/06 3:43:09 PM, writes:

> --- In, "stillpointed" <edaro@...> wrote:
> > Hi Leon and Alfredo,
> >
> > Perhaps another way of configuring the zero points would be to see the
> >"Fundamental Source" as being vibrational in nature, visualized as an
> > infinite sine curve form.=A0 This fundamental vibration would have one
> > section of the curve in the "universe" and the other in the "alternate
> > universe" or black hole, a kind of mobius giving rise to an infinitely
> > bubbled cosmos. ~~~~~
> >
> > The intersecting line through the curves would be the locus of
> > (abstract) zero points, and as Alfredo suggests these zero points would
> > not be reifiable; the functional energy would be in the vibration
> > itself.=A0 Seems to correspond with the notion that "all is vibration."
> > Might this make sense?=A0 Ed (sorry if this message duplicates)
> Dear Leon and Ed,
> I have made reasearch on molecular neurobiology, cognitive
> neuroscience and ion-trap quantum computing, trying to relate these
> areas. My knowledge of consciousness is limited to this kind of
> approach. However, I agree with Leon and others who understand that
> consciousness should be related to the Cosmos; it is probably not a
> contingent phenomenon that occurs only to Earth animals.
> Leon=B4s model seems to me as too rich. He makes a nice synthesis of
> science with metaphysics. My feeling is that he interprets science
> from a metaphysical perspective! I am not able to make a criticism,
> since my knowledge of these matters is small. I am mostly learning
> from him.
> Ed=B4s remark is closer to my intuition, but I suspect that Leon does
> not disagree with it. Leon says explicitly that he is not reifying or
> substantializing the zero points. Therefore I don=B4t know exactly
> where my feeling that Leon=B4s theory is a bit inflated originates from.
> All of us who are participating in this discussion have something in
> common: we are too philosophical for scientists, and too scientific
> for philosophers!
> Best Regards,

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