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Re: Theos-World Re: occultism and irresponsibility

Apr 01, 2006 09:17 AM
by Drpsionic

Consequently, the cautions given by HPB, Judge,
and the Masters, I  find to be quite prudent.  Really the argument is
not all that  difficult to follow.  Power corrupts those not ready for
it.   Without the moral strength, power twists and disfigures.  For
those  with more rigid constitutions, it can shatter (as in minds).  If
you  teach a moral pervert, or someone with the seeds of a moral
perversion, how  to astral travel, the power will ultimately be used in
perverted  ways.  Why would anyone think otherwise?  Your belief is  a
perplexing one.

It is based on more than my experience, difficult as that may be for you to  
I reject the moral basis of any argument.  Morality is a chimera, a  19th 
century delusion.  Believe me, I am a moral pervert in ways you cannot  begin to 
The question is this, and I have raised it in forums with people who  
actually can think beyond a book, is what effect on society has 100 years of  large 
segments of society actively engaged in paranormal activity at some level,  
from reading the horoscopes in newspapers, to playing with Ouija Boards (and  
that principal is a lot older, we have records from the Roman Empire of similar  
devices) to using varying form of psychic influence in their daily lives.   I 
use the 40 year mark because it was about 40 years ago that the psychic boom  
began with the massive media interest in psychics like Jeanne Dixon, Edgar 
Cayce  and others, and then blossoming out into other areas.
And from the data available, there has been no sign of any social  
dislocation that can be attributed to that.  You need to look at mortality  statistics, 
crime statistics (and those relate more to demographics than  anything else so 
you have to be careful with them) verifiable mental illness  taking into 
account changes in theory and documentation.  
The answer is nothing.
But, we know that it is having an effect at the personal level.  The  person 
who knows that a simple mental procedure can make the traffic cop look  the 
other way at the right time has changed the relationship in the power  dynamic 
between himself and the traffic cop.  A small thing, but one that  has major 
consequences in the whole life of that person for now he is not a  tiny, 
helpless person in the grip of forces he cannot control.  He is the  one excerising 
And there are literally millions of people doing that.  One merely has  to 
look at the sales of books on the subject of psychic powers and magick over  the 
decades.  Even if a small percentage of the people buying those books  has 
gotten significant results, the numbers of people are still huge.
So if that many people now believe that they can change their  private world 
(and that is the world they seek to change, people don't  worry a lot about 
the world at large, they have too many more important things  to deal with in 
their lives) there has got to be a ripple effect somewhere but  that ripple 
effect has NOT been to damage those people's lives.
There is no discernable personal danger. What it may do to the broader  
society is another matter, but that is not going to stop anyone.  And we  really do 
not have a handle on what it is doing to the broader society  yet.
Now that may screw with the morality of our 19th century forebears, but  they 
are dead and cremated and their morality should be cremated with  them.
Besides, corruption is cool.  Recognize that.  Given the choice  between the 
good that benefits others and the evil that benefits one'self, the  rational 
man will choose the evil that benefits himself.
That may be perceived as a danger to one who cares about morality.  To  one 
to whom morality is the irrelevancy of all irrelevancy, you need a better  
Chuck the Heretic

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