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Re: Theos-World To Chuck on Eternal Time & Teaching

Apr 01, 2006 08:55 AM
by Drpsionic

Masters'  teaching refers to long periods of time,
not to "40 years of personal  experience"... it refers to
aeons, to the eternal now, and to the way ot  its perception.

Then the Master's teaching is truly worthless.  We live our lives one  
lifetime at a time, not aeons, and the eternal now is an eternal myth.  We  cannot 
live with that.  We cannot live with an idea that would have us walk  out the 
back door and into the middle ages or some other part of the  galaxy.  The 
evidence is that it is not true.  And even if it were, we  could not survive in 
such a universe and function as humans.
All that we really have, that we can rely upon, is our experience and the  
collected experience of humanity that we call history and  science.   Everything 
else is but superstition, dreams and the  attempt by those who should know 
better to manipulate those who truly do  know better.
Perhaps Theosophy would be better served by burning the books rather than  by 
studying them.
Chuck the Heretic

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