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Re: Peace, Calm & Occultism

Apr 01, 2006 08:39 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear Bruce, dear Chuck,

I agree with Bruce and I add: caution was not recomended by HPB, Judge and the Masters only.

It is an old tradition.

To plant before harvesting is an ancient idea.

The New Testament has lots of sentences about the virtue of waiting for the right time.

So have the philosophical taoism ("Tao Te King" ) the Hindu "Bhagavad Gita", etc.

Anxiety for results is short-term, and the esoteric doctrines of every tradition are long-term.

Search for personal psychic powers (siddhis) may lead you to visit MARS and MERCURY and to describe physical plane houses, gardens, agriculture and politics there, or to "talk to Lord Christ", as "Bishop" Leadbeater, the pseudo-initiate, did. (I will not mention other things...)

On the other hand, altruism, right effort and patience will lead you to understand the LAW or DHARMA.

This is no theory. It is Theosophy and Practice. It is common sense. We all can have small scale, objetive, successful experiences along this road.

Regards, Carlos.

From: "robert_b_macd" <>
Subject: Theos-World Re: occultism and irresponsibility
Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2006 15:44:46 -0000

I see.  The 40 years of experience is your own personal experience,
and it is based on this that we should find psychic dabbling harmless.
 I have some problems universalizing from one observer.  The problem
is that my own observations, that do no even span 40 years, tell me
quite the opposite.  Consequently, the cautions given by HPB, Judge,
and the Masters, I find to be quite prudent.  Really the argument is
not all that difficult to follow.  Power corrupts those not ready for
it.  Without the moral strength, power twists and disfigures.  For
those with more rigid constitutions, it can shatter (as in minds).  If
you teach a moral pervert, or someone with the seeds of a moral
perversion, how to astral travel, the power will ultimately be used in
perverted ways.  Why would anyone think otherwise?  Your belief is a
perplexing one.


--- In, Drpsionic@... wrote:
> In a message dated 3/31/2006 4:54:17 PM Central Standard Time,
> robert.b.macdonald@... writes:
> What  source do you have for this notion that
> dabbling in the psychic is  virtually harmless?  It is all very nice to
> repeat the statement but  it does not make it any more true. Where can
> I find these 40 years of  data?  Perhaps you could educate the forum if
> you would be so  kind.
> Look around you!
> You might find a useful experience.
> Chuck the Heretic
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