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Re: Theos-World A longer and healthier life?

Apr 01, 2006 03:46 AM
by M. Sufilight

I think, I can understand that.
One aught to eat wisely according to time place people and circumstances.
So be wise when you eat - if you eat. What you eat is secondary importance, if you eat wisely.

The same can be said about reading emails or not reading emails.
Some readers are not reading wisely. Or should I say: Most readers are not wise, even those at Theos-talk. Wisdom operates on a higher level, than most members are operating at. Wisdom is priceless. But, I think you already know about this Bart.

The following by my Sufi friend Idries Shah will tell the readers about how a being, which at least has some compassion operates on the planet:

'What do Sufis eat? You're vegetarians, of
course.' 'No,' I said. 'You amaze me!' he said. "I said to him, 'Now if
I can be of any use to you, write that down and see what it means. What it
means is that you have been able to elicit from me a reaction which helps you
to describe yourself. 'You amaze me.' Why do I amaze you? I amaze because you think that all metaphysicians must be vegetarians. Does that tell you anything about me? It tells you things about yourself! Now when are you going to get out of that, and learn things about yourself, and not think that you're
learning things about other people?" Shah leans forward, gesturing with the
knife and fork. "We are not totemists who eat brown rice and consult the I
Ching. That is not the Sufi at all, my friend. We have other things to do
than have a lifestyle. We are getting on with our thing. And our thing does
not impose on us the sort of restrictions which other people use as a
substitute for getting on with their thing. You can either do something, or you can pretend to be doing something. "Western society seems to have exhausted all its investigative potential. It is largely composed of
cul-de-sacs. One cul-de-sac is marked Lifestyle; one is marked Vegetarianism,
and so on. People want to know about the Sufis in terms of what limitations
they observe. 'What do you eat for breakfast?' 'How many pairs of socks
do you wear?' "What is the relevance of such questions? Why don't they ask
something about what I am doing? One of our traditional functions has been
to point out the limitations other people have been putting on themselves,
not to impose limitations on other people. That's what the gurus do. We seek
to expand, increase vision, deepen perception. You don't live by decreasing
these qualities. "That's why you don't find any lifestyle with us, brother. There's no eating of brown rice, and no muttering of Sanskrit mantras in our way."
With that, Shah turns back to the beef and the beer.


M. Sufilight

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carlosaveline cardoso aveline wrote:
I completely agree that vegetarian food is often better in all respects than
the old meat-based food.

And it is a well-known fact that vegetarians tend to have a longer and
better life from the viewpoint of health.
I was on a vegetarian diet. I developed high blood pressure, high
cholesterol, diabetes and occasional bouts of gout. I went back to a
meat-based diet, and everything returned to normal and I haven't had an
attack of gout since.


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